XiVerse – Xing reverse search engine

XiVerse ProduktbildFor some days I’m also on Xing. Who is also there, will certainly know the function that displays the last visitors of one’s own profile.
Unfortunately you do not get the names of your visitors, but only small thumbnails of the last visitor appears in the basic membership at Xing. Also a link to their profile is not given.
This feature is dedicated to premium users (~ 7 € / month) only. But that’s only the half truth.
Find out who visited your Xing progile without having premium status
In most cases it is possible to find out who were the last visitors on the own profile without premium membership. Therefore you have to compare the visitors thumbnails against some data.
In order to simplify the search procedure, as an exercise for myself and as a feasibility study in general, I have created […]

New project: colorcodes.code-bude.net

ColorCodes - ÜbersichtToday I would like to point you to a small project of mine, which I have released a few minutes ago. Concrete it’s “colorcodes.code-bude.net“, a small website which presents you a list of all the colors that are in the Color-struct of the .NET framework.
On the home page you get an overview in list form, including RGB and hexadecimal representation of the colors. Via a link in each table entry you will be lead to a details page (like that), where all information is summarized again for each color.
ColorCodes - DetailansichtThe whole thing is more practice and research project, than a serious webpage. For one, I wanted to do some little finger exercise – so all pages have been automatically generated with a C# based […]

MySpace Loader – sourcecode available for download

myspace loader iconAs one or the other user has already noticed, my myspace download tool, called “MySpace Loader”, unfortunately doesn’t work any longer. This is due to the final changeover of the MySpace website. Last months there was still a transitional phase in which both, the old and the new version of the website, was accessible. But since some days, only the new site is still online and by that reason my MySpace Loader does not work any longer.
Since I currently lack the time to rewrite the MySpace Loader for the new page, but I think it would also be a shame to let the project die, I have decided to publish the source code of MySpace Loader. Because I’ve often got mails in the last 2 years, in which I have been asked to give out the source code, […]

News flash – the shop is opened!

amazon_logoIt’s once againt time for a small update, so once again there is something new at this blog. At the top menu, a new item called “Shop” has been added. Yesterday I created an tiny aStore, that’s how Amazon calls its custom shops.
Therefore the products are not from me but from various retailers. The shop here in the blog is basically an selection of items from the Amazon range, handpicked by myself.
All products in the shop are either owned by myself, so that I can recommend them with a clear conscience or they’re products, which I think are worth to be recommend and relevant to one or more of my blog articles.
If you buy something, I get (on average) 5-10% commission of the selling price. With a purchase through the shop you can support me and my work. Among other […]

How to stream music from your router to your android devices

Fitzbox NASThese days you will get faced with the term “cloud” everywhere. I am, for my part, not really a fan of cloud streaming because nearly every solution that I tried did not work without complications.
But in recent weeks, I got friend with a streaming solution within my appartment’s walls. And this solution is what I want to introduce to you today.
At first some information concerning the initial situation. I confess that I am a passionate fan of audio dramas. (I’m really addicted to “The three Investigators”. Some of my friends blaspheme, that I were too old for it, but take it from me, you’re never too old for The Three Investigator because it’s cult!)
However, normally I like to listen to another episode every evening. But to copy every evening another tape to my phone […]