How to get Whatsapp notifications on Sony Ericsson Liveview

LiveView Custom Notifications Whatsapp
Today I want to introduce you to a small plug-in for Sony Ericsson LiveView. ┬áThe LiveView makes it all really worthwhile for me. The plug-in is a “CustomNotifier plugin” and is available free at the Google Play Market, however, cannot be found easily through a normal search. (Unless you are versatile in Chinese.) That is the reason; I recommend you download the plug-in by following this link here. What is the plug-in capable of?
The CustomNotifier plugin, can as the name already implies, display any notifications on the LiveView. More specifically, pretty much every notifications of your Android device can be displayed.
Thus, for example, it is also possible to display notifications from your Whatsapp on the LiveView, without using a special Whatsapp plug-in. Since the configuration of CustomNotifier plug-in is not […]

Workaround: How to use Sony Erricson LiveView Plug-ins with Android 4.0/ICS

Sony_Ericsson_LiveView_www.code-bude.netFollowing is a brief introduction. Those only looking for the solution of the problem, please scroll down.
For some time now I’m a proud owner of a Sony Ericsson Live View. The part has already irritated me when it came out, but at that time it was a bit above my price expectations.
Meanwhile you can get the small screen for your wrist for round about 20$. Even though the price may be decreased not only by its successor, but also by some negative criticism for the LiveView, I could not help but had to buy one.
All in all I’m quite satisfied with the Live View. The oft-lamented low battery life, I can not confirm. Over night I turn it off and make it so a battery life of no less than 4-5 days. This […]

How to install Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy S2

Android Ubuntu ScreenshotToday there is again an article on Android. More specifically, it’s about how you can run Android and Ubuntu (Linux) in parallel on your smartphone or tablet. Although I had already blogged about it before, but today I want to explain the whole setup process, step-by-step (using a slightly different method).
The title of this article is actually not quite correct, because we will not install Ubuntu, but setup some kind of a live system – so we get down to business.
I used my Galaxy S2 for the project. If it works with other smartphones, I could not test, but would be happy about comments on your part, if you tried it.
For our purposes we need the following things / conditions:

Android based device with root rights
Android Terminal Emulator (freely available on Google Playstore)
android-vnc-viewer (freely available on […]

Fix connection error when connecting Samsung Galaxy S2 with Kies

Samsung Galaxy S2 Kies VerbindungsproblemThe Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great device, with which I’m really full and satisfied. What I can’t say of Samsung’s software called Kies, which serves to synchronize and manage the Galaxy S2 with your PC.
There are always problems in connecting the smartphone to the PC or in special with Kies. If one is affected by the problem and googling a bit, so you will quickly find out that this problem does not occur only sporadically.
Therefore, today I want to show you three approaches that have helped me several times already when my Galaxy S2 won’t connect with Kies.
1) Reboot
Even if it sounds too simple. Often it is enough, to turn your Galaxy S2 once off and restart it. This is especially true when Windows indicates that the ‘Device’ could not be started. […]

Google Analytics Widgets for Android

Sometimes ago I’ve written about Analytix Pro on Caschy’s blog and today I had to figure out that the update has swallowed the widgets. Too bad, really bad, because the widgets were one of the main reasons I liked the Analytix Pro app so well.
Although, the app has still great opportunities for analysis of your webprojects, it’s useless for now, if you just want to have a quick look on your site’s benchmarks. So I started to search again for an alternative and reviewed a couple of Android Google Analystics widgets. Those two, which fitted my needs at it’s best, I like to present you today.
1. GAnalytics Widget
The first widget is the GAnalytics widget and which can be found here in the Market. It’s free and ran flawlessly during my testing. On the home screen, it takes 2×1 tiles to complete. Unfortunately, it isn’t optimized for other tile ratios.