How to install Arduino drivers on Windows 8

One of my favourite “gadgets” is the Arduino (no matter if UNO, Leonardo, Mega, …), which you will surely read some articles about in the near future. But let’s get back to the title.
Unfortunately the drivers of the Arduinos are not signed for Windows 8. So, when you try to install the drivers, you will get an error that will look similar to the following message. (Click to enlarge the picture.)
Before installation:
So that this doesn’t happen to us, we have to make sure that we will be able to install unsigned drivers on Windows 8. How to do so, you can read in this article I’ve written some days ago. If you have followed the steps of my article, you can start to install the Arduino driver in Windows 8
Step 1:
Connect the Arduino via an […]

How to install unsigned drivers in Windows 8

Info: If you’re looking for a solution for Windows 10, read the article about installing unsigned drivers in Windows 10.
Meanwhile for me it’s almost impossible to live without Windows 8. I got used to the new interface and don’t want to miss it even for one day. Then, yesterday I detected a very unpleasant problem. Windows 8 just didn’t wanted to install a driver, because it was not signed. In the end it worked out. And this is how I did it.
Install unsigned driver with Windows 8
To install unsigned driver (driver which are not signed by Microsoft) in Windows 8, you have to reboot your system in a “special way” before.
Step 1:
unsignierte_treiber_unter_windows8_installieren (1)
As soon as Windows 8 is ready, you need to start the Boot-Options-Menu. Therefore you need to press Win+R at the Windows 8 desktop, to open the “Execute”-Dialog. Now […]

Show status bar in Windows 8 explorer

In Windows 8, as everybody knows, was indeed also heavily bolted to the Explorer. Among other things, the Explorer has now received a ribbon bar. Everything looks very chic and is also functional. However, what I miss in default settings is, that the Explorer in Windows 8 is shipped with hidden status bar. (This is the small bar at the bottom border of the Explorer, where you can see attributes such as size, number of files, etc..)
How do you get the bar to appear again, I would like to show briefly below. Probably since Windows 7 not much has changed to do so, but I was never confronted about in Windows 7-times with this problem.
Step 1:
Open an Explorer window (Computer, My Documents, etc. …).
Step 2:
Switch to the “View” tab in the ribbon bar. Then navigate to “Options” and then […]

How to re-enable the classic start menu in Windows 8

Stardock Start8 Website ScreenshotI have already written about how you can enable the classic start menu in Windows 8 again. In the last article I showed you a solution with the help of the program ViStart 7. Today I want to show you another way to re-enable the classic start menu in Windows 8. This time we will make use of the program Start8 by Stardock.
Start8 is, like ViStart, freeware, but does not simulate the classic Windows start menu on the contrary to ViStart 7, but is made up of components of Windows 8. How it looks, you can see in the screenshot below.
Windows 8 Startmenü mit Start8
You can download Start 8 on the website of Stardock. However, there you have to enter your email address before you […]