Best of Web #8

best of web - runde 8And again a Monday. Besides the fact that Monday, as the beginning of the week, probably is one of the scariest days of the week, there’s a second thing that always takes place on Mondays: My “Best of Web” series.
Today, it is already the 8th episode and this time there is again a novelty. There is no video in addition to some interesting articles at the end this time, like every week, because nothing suitable has crossed my paths this week.
But everything remains the same. That means – there are a few more bits of web development, the C# world and of the subject of hardware hackers. And now, I hope you enjoy reading.
HDMI over IP Windows client
HDMI over IP PC Client

Best of Web #7

best of web - runde 7Today it is once again time for another round of “Best of Web”. This week I have a few more links on the hand, I would like to share with you. Overall, it comes back this week to some technical topics – good for geeks and nerds among you, rather poor for lovers of more “lighter fare”. Among others, today is about compilers, the history of Windows, some web design basics and a bit of image recognition in C#. I hope there is one or the other interesting article for everyone.
As always – who has more link tips, is hereby invited to send me these for one of the rounds of my “Best of Web” series. And now have fun with my recommendations of the week.
Quick introduction to compiler construction
On TechPro Tristan McNab […]

Best of Web #6

best of webNew week, new episode of “Best of Web”. This time I have prepared myself in time, so I could publish the article for this week even before the late evening. One learns to do so.
Today there is again a more “colorful” mix than last week – in other words, not just software topics. Among other things a Turing machine out of LEGO, a few practical tips for SublimeText users and some stuff out of the programmers corner.
I hope you enjoy reading and now I give the “ring-free” for the link tips of the week.
Measure battery lifetime with Windows
That there is available the one or the other useful tool in Windows, which is not found right away, each should be clear about. From the remote assistance solution, up to the “God Mode” – there are […]

Best of Web #5

best of webToday the new week started, so there has to be a new article in my “Best of Web” series. Although I reached my selfmade aim (to post an Best of Web article on every monday) again this week, it is, jast as the last few times also, late in the evening. So maybe I should better announce my series as follows: “Best of the Web is a weekly series of articles, which will be, if at all, published in the night from Monday to Tuesday.” Anyway – Monday is Monday and so it goes to the next round.
This week the topics are very software-heavy – which exactly means that all articles, except for two in which the hardware is mentioned, will deal with software and software problems this week. The spectrum ranges from operating […]

Best of Web #4

best of webToday I wrote the fourth round of my “Best of Web” series. As some may have noticed, there have been no posts in this series for the last two weeks, even though I really wanted to bring up a contribution to the series on every Monday.
However, as I noted in the first article of the series, I have reserved the right for me that, depending on the workload and quality of the links I found in the last week, I suspend the series┬ásometimes – and that is what happened the last two weeks. But this week I’m back with a new article.
Today there is (again) a lot about programming and hardware(-hacks) and of course again a small video clip at the end of the article. Let’s go into the fourth round!
Bus departure times in […]