How to make remote IPs available on OS X’ PPTP VPN connections

OSX VPN RoutingLet me describe the initial situation: I connect my Macbook via PPTP VPN with an remote network using the standard OSX VPN client. While the VPN connection is established, however, there is the following problem.
All devices on the remote network get IP addresses within the range assigned. However, the local IP range on the external network is A server, which (as local user of the remote network) can be reached via for example, now (via VPN connection) has the IP Unfortunately it is not clear which server got what IP from the block of adresses.
Add routing rule for PPTP VPN connection on OSX
The solution is quite simple in this case. The only condition so that subsequent workaround will be successful is that the IP range in which the Macbook is, is an other than the local range of the external network. If the Macbook is therefore also […]

10 Mac OS X tricks to raise productivity

FTop 10 OS X tips and tricksor some time now, in addition to Windows and Linux machinery, also a MacBook has been working on my study desk.
And when there is an OSX system at home, of course one gives full measure to get out the latest info from it. Many things that OSX originally has, are unknown to the majority of users. (At least this is my personal opinion, which comes from several conversations with Mac-users from my environment)
This is why today there are 10 tips for you, how to get more out of your Mac.
1) Enter a path in Finder
Pfad in Finder eingeben
If you have some affinity to the console (Shell/CMD/Terminal) and know your folder hierarchy by heart, then you are for sure much quicker than […]

Rebuild Spotlight index in MAC OS X

Rebuild Spotlight indexSince not long ago I have also become a proud owner of an Apple product. After 10 years of Windows-monarchy, the first Apple device, a 13“ Macbook Air, has managed to enter my IT scene, with the result that from now on, in addition to the Windows articles and occasional Linux articles, there will be also some articles about Apple/ MAC OS X.
But let us now get back to the actual topic. The universal search tool Spotlight in Mac OSX is without doubt very powerful. But if Spotlight strikes and if it doesn’t find all apps or files, it loses its sense. In such cases it could be helpful to set the index up again or reincorporate even just a single app in the index.
Narrow down the problem
If Spotlight doesn’t provide the desired search results anymore, even though the searched app […]