How to play N64 games on Android

n64oid (1)Are you one of those people who used to (or still do) spend hours, sitting in front of a game console? I for one was never the hardcore gamer and have only owned one console, but I loved my N64.
When I moved, I found some of my old N64 games and felt the need to once again play Super Mario World. Unfortunately it stayed with the discovery of the games. My N64 itself is gone without a trace.
Then last week I stumbled “accidentally” on a N64 emulator for Android. It’s called n64oid and is apparently a bit longer on the market. But to me it passed so far.
Anyway, I got spend the $4.99 and have thrown me n64oid on my Samsung Galaxy S2. And what can I say? I’m excited!
Although it runs not all of the roms I tested […]

JavaScript based online Gameboy emulator

Original GameboyIt’s not often that I play games. And if I do, then my favorites are classic games. And yes, I still grow up with a Gameboy. With a large Gameboy.  Since these are no longer available, I have already had one or two emulators in my hands.  But what I’ve found now on the web, I’ve never seen before.
A student named Grant has developed his own Game Boy emulator. The remarkable thing is that it is completely written JavaScript and therefore runs online.
I think that’s an extraordinary achievement. An online demo can be found here. Also Grant has uploaded the sources to github.
The roms, which are needed to play, you have to get by yourself. But a short look over at Google should help you. Because the procurement of roms is in a […]