Tutorial: Configuring Sublime Text as Arduino IDE with Stino

Stino - Sublime Text Arduino IDETo develop my programs and web applications I mainly use two editors/IDEs. For the former I use the wonderful Visual Studio, and for the latter – Sublime Text, the editor that I cannot do without ever since I first discovered it. If you still don’t know what Sublime Text is, you should download the free unlimited demo version. I bet a few among you will switch to it from your editors!
But that’s not going to be the topic of this post. See, when I worked on my Arduino projects before, I was bound to Arduino’s standard IDE, which, in all fairness, wasn’t exactly eye-candy and needed getting used to. The good news? Recently it became possible to develop for Arduino in Sublime Text. From coding, to compiling, to uploading onto the actual Arduino. Even […]

How to build a clap switch using Arduino

Arduino KlatschschalterToday, there is again a small Arduino craft project. This time, following the motto: “Soon it will clap, but no applause!” Because when you’ve finished reading the article and clap your hands, then your lamps should switch on and off.
The project originated from the (presumably nerd-specific) “emergency”, in which I found myself for some time and which looked like this: You want to go into the bed at night, but firstly you must turn on the light of the bedroom to be able to find the switch of the bedside lamp. Then you switched on the bedside lamp and run to the bedroom’s door again to turn off the bedroom light. You already notice the bedroom light is really just a means to an end.
As a clever computer scientists and hobbyists, one feels as though their relentless […]

How to install Arduino drivers on Windows 8

One of my favourite “gadgets” is the Arduino (no matter if UNO, Leonardo, Mega, …), which you will surely read some articles about in the near future. But let’s get back to the title.
Unfortunately the drivers of the Arduinos are not signed for Windows 8. So, when you try to install the drivers, you will get an error that will look similar to the following message. (Click to enlarge the picture.)
Before installation:
So that this doesn’t happen to us, we have to make sure that we will be able to install unsigned drivers on Windows 8. How to do so, you can read in this article I’ve written some days ago. If you have followed the steps of my article, you can start to install the Arduino driver in Windows 8
Step 1:
Connect the Arduino […]

How to use enc28j60 ethernet shield with Arduino Mega 2560

Today it is time to talk again about one of my favourite gadgets – my Arduinos. In particular, for the Arduino Mega 2560 and how these can be used in combination with the enc28j60 ethernet adapters.
No products found.The enc28j60 Ethernet adapter should be known to one or the other of you, who has ever tinkered with an Arduino. These are the low-cost ethernet shields, which are available for example at eBay for less then 5$. Sure, the wiring and the library (the original ethernet library isn’t compatible), are not quite as comfortable as those of the original ethernet shields, but you can also save 30$  and more compared to the official ethernet shield.
For the Arduino Uno, there is already a handful of useful articles, which refers to the enc28j60 and Ethercard library. However, for the Arduino Mega 2560, I could not find anything useful information, so I would like to […]