New theme – the bug hunt is opened

Neues DesignThe one or the other may have noticed it already – is running with a new design recently. The theme change was on my to-do list for more than two years, but I was scared to switch the theme. Scared of ranking losses in Google or to shoot me the design because I had programmed the old Theme in non recommend ways. But now I have, however, done so.
After 5 years, the old theme has got it made and with its lack of responsiveness it was not up to date anymore. From now on can also be read comfortably on mobile devices.
Help me to improve the new theme!
Since the new Theme certainly is still missing one or the other edge, I depend on your help. If you find an error (text or illustration) or if you have a proposal, at which point something should be […]

Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box – a Reverse Geocache

Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box
Today we’ll be talking about Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box, a piece of hardware that I built over a year ago. But what is this box, what does it do, who was it built for and who is this Captain Herrmano anyway? This will be the topic of this article.
What is Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box?
The box is a so-called “reverse geocaching puzzle”. The inspiration for this project was a reverse geocaching box built in 2009 by Mikael Hart. Unlike Mikael’s version of the box, it’s not enough to simply find and visit the target place. To unlock the treasure of Captain Herrmano, the player has to solve more tasks.
The special thing about this box is that it interacts with the player, and not just via text – it also has sound and light feedback, as well […]

iPhone 5s giveaway – Win 1 of 10 new iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s zu verschenkenAmong the first 1000 commenters here on the blog, I will give away 10 brand-new iPhone 5S *. To enter the contest you have only two thing to do. Write a comment below this article and like my Facebook page. In the next hours I also will post two more tasks on Facebook which will raise your chance to win one of the iPhones. The first task will be: “Like this, if you ever had a cold.” and finally the second upcoming task will be a survey with the following question: “If you are a men, like this – if you are a woman share this”. And always stay tuned because next month I will give away even 100 MacBook Pros*. And so it goes with the social media, am I right?
Now let’s face it […]

RadioduinoWRT – a do it yourself webradio

RadioduinoWRTToday I want to present you one of my larger craft projects. This time it is not just about software, but also about the associated hardware. What is it? A web radio!
I like to listen to internet radio stations, but I didn’t want to run my pc only for listening to webradios.  Connecting my phone to my stereo either wasn’t a solution, since I’d rather wear this with me, because I don’t want to run for each SMS / Whatsapp message to the music system. And because I always like to tinker, it was obvious to build a web radio as a standalone device myself.
As this article has become a bit longer, there is a brief overview of the following sections of the article, so that everyone can quickly find what he looks for.

What is the RadioduinoWRT?
Considerations before building
What should […]

XiVerse – Xing reverse search engine

XiVerse ProduktbildFor some days I’m also on Xing. Who is also there, will certainly know the function that displays the last visitors of one’s own profile.
Unfortunately you do not get the names of your visitors, but only small thumbnails of the last visitor appears in the basic membership at Xing. Also a link to their profile is not given.
This feature is dedicated to premium users (~ 7 € / month) only. But that’s only the half truth.
Find out who visited your Xing progile without having premium status
In most cases it is possible to find out who were the last visitors on the own profile without premium membership. Therefore you have to compare the visitors thumbnails against some data.
In order to simplify the search procedure, as an exercise for myself and as a feasibility study in general, I have created XiVerse. […]