Update: WordPress2Doc

Wordpress2Doc - All-in-OneToday there is again a software update. Since yesterday evening the new version of the WordPress2Doc Tool is available for download. In addition to two bugfixes, further translations have been introduced. Thanks a lot to the community support!
If you have forgot (or not even have known yet), for what the WordPress2Doc-Tool can be used, the following brief summary is given.
Using WordPress2Doc, you can save as many articles and pages of a WordPress blog as a Word document (.docx) and / or as a PDF file. It is possible to select whether all articles should be created in one document or whether a new document should be created for each article. This makes it easy to back up, print, and prepare blog articles for further use.
What’s new in WordPress2Doc
The following things have changed:

Bugfix: After the […]

New theme – the bug hunt is opened

Neues DesignThe one or the other may have noticed it already – code-bude.net is running with a new design recently. The theme change was on my to-do list for more than two years, but I was scared to switch the theme. Scared of ranking losses in Google or to shoot me the design because I had programmed the old Theme in non recommend ways. But now I have, however, done so.
After 5 years, the old theme has got it made and with its lack of responsiveness it was not up to date anymore. From now on code-bude.net can also be read comfortably on mobile devices.
Help me to improve the new theme!
Since the new Theme certainly is still missing one or the other edge, I depend on your help. If you find an error (text or illustration) or if you have a proposal, at which point something should […]

Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box – a Reverse Geocache

Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box
Today we’ll be talking about Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box, a piece of hardware that I built over a year ago. But what is this box, what does it do, who was it built for and who is this Captain Herrmano anyway? This will be the topic of this article.
What is Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box?
The box is a so-called “reverse geocaching puzzle”. The inspiration for this project was a reverse geocaching box built in 2009 by Mikael Hart. Unlike Mikael’s version of the box, it’s not enough to simply find and visit the target place. To unlock the treasure of Captain Herrmano, the player has to solve more tasks.
The special thing about this box is that it interacts with the player, and not just via text – it also has sound and light feedback, as […]

Best of Web #7

best of web - runde 7Today it is once again time for another round of “Best of Web”. This week I have a few more links on the hand, I would like to share with you. Overall, it comes back this week to some technical topics – good for geeks and nerds among you, rather poor for lovers of more “lighter fare”. Among others, today is about compilers, the history of Windows, some web design basics and a bit of image recognition in C#. I hope there is one or the other interesting article for everyone.
As always – who has more link tips, is hereby invited to send me these for one of the rounds of my “Best of Web” series. And now have fun with my recommendations of the week.
Quick introduction to compiler construction
On TechPro Tristan McNab […]

20 Dropbox tools you should know

When it comes to online storage and sync, then Dropbox is my number 1 and because I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with this sight, below there is a collection of 20 tools which will help you to realize the full potential of your Dropbox.
#1 – dropplets.com / Blog with Dropbox
With dropplets your Dropbox becomes a blogging platform. After the “installation” your Dropbox behaves like a web server.
New articles can be written in the easy to learn Markdown language and published by simply save them in your Dropbox. The whole thing is quick, easy, and also looks quite chic.
#2 – calepin.co / Publishing by Dropbox
Calepin.co is the second blog system in our listing. Also Calepin supports the markup language “Markdown” and allows […]