20 Dropbox tools you should know

When it comes to online storage and sync, then Dropbox is my number 1 and because I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with this sight, below there is a collection of 20 tools which will help you to realize the full potential of your Dropbox.
#1 – dropplets.com / Blog with Dropbox
With dropplets your Dropbox becomes a blogging platform. After the “installation” your Dropbox behaves like a web server.
New articles can be written in the easy to learn Markdown language and published by simply save them in your Dropbox. The whole thing is quick, easy, and also looks quite chic.
#2 – calepin.co / Publishing by Dropbox
Calepin.co is the second blog system in our listing. Also Calepin supports the markup language “Markdown” and allows easy publishing […]