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Wordpress2Doc - All-in-OneToday there is again a software update. Since yesterday evening the new version of the WordPress2Doc Tool is available for download. In addition to two bugfixes, further translations have been introduced. Thanks a lot to the community support!

If you have forgot (or not even have known yet), for what the WordPress2Doc-Tool can be used, the following brief summary is given.

Using WordPress2Doc, you can save as many articles and pages of a WordPress blog as a Word document (.docx) and / or as a PDF file. It is possible to select whether all articles should be created in one document or whether a new document should be created for each article. This makes it easy to back up, print, and prepare blog articles for further use.

What’s new in WordPress2Doc

The following things have changed:

  • Bugfix: After the export file was loaded, display errors occurred. (It was still requested to load a file even if it was loaded.)
  • Bugfix: In the language selection, a mistake had been made, which lead to the problem that during the language change not all elements were translated correctly.
  • Feature: If images were integrated into blog articles via BB code, they are now displayed correctly. (Instead of BB code.)
  • Translation: Hindi was added as a language
  • Translation: Greek was added as a language
  • Translation: Spanish has been added as a language


The source code as well as the download link of the current version can be found in the main article on WordPress2Doc:

Download: WordPress2Doc

As always, I am still looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Translations are also “welcome” any time.

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