HNBK.plan – a substitute schedule app for the Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg

May I introduce to you? HNBK.plan – a substitute schedule app for the HNBK (Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg) in Essen, NRW. Since the online representation of the plan unfortunately is very awkward to reach and the operation via smartphone resembles a true odyssey, I thought it was time for an app. So I took time to learn the Android app development basics. To put it in a nutshell – I created my first native Android app, which can be downloaded by you from now on.

Screenshots and handling

hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (1)  hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (2)  hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (3)  hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (4)
(Click on the screenshots to maximize them)

  1. After the initial start you have to select the class whose representation plan you want to display. For this, you’ve to press the menu button (or click on the button with the three dots) and select the “Settings” menu item.
  2. After loading the list of available classes you can select your own class. The selection remains permanently, so that it doesn’t have to be re-selected each time you start the app. (Certainly it can be changed at any time from the settings page.)
  3. After the selection the representation plan of the current calendar week is displayed. A move between calendar weeks can be done by the dedicated menu items.


The app HNBK.plan app can be downloaded from this blog either via the link below or by scanning the QR code. The sharing of the app is strictly allowed. If you have a own website, I beg you to set up a link to this blogpost and not to provide a copy of the app on your own server. Also please don’t hotlink to this file.

Download: HNBK.plan 1.0.8

Since the app is only a simplified interface for retrieving the appropriate HTML pages and the timetable on the server has a class ID used for only one year, it may come to the following “misconduct”. The ID of your own class could be used the year before by another class. The schedules of the other class will remain online until they are overwritten with a current representation of the plan in the current calendar year. So if you go too much calender weeks forward there may appear at some point the schedules of an old class from last year. Unfortunately I couldn’t handle this behavior not yet. However, it limits the app not in their proper function.


To prevent myself from allegations which claim that the app would scrape / crawl / farm / abuse / etc. contents of third, I hereby would like to point out that I do not modify the representation of plans, parse nor save them. The app is based on parts of a so-called WebView. This is nothing more than a web browser for smartphones. The app opens only the appropriate representation plan base on your web browser.  An analogy about how the app works, would be an Internet Explorer instance, which constitutes a bookmark to the current representation plan. Should a bookmark on the representation plan in a popular browser constitute an copyright infringement, I will of course take the app offline. Otherwise, I beg you to consider the app as “browsers with included bookmarks.”

Finally, I would point out that this app is a private project, independent from the HNBK. I am not responsible for proper functioning of the app. A “Sorry for mydelay, the app from Mr. Herrmann wasn’t working. My delay was his fault …” is no excuse! If the app does not work, then I beg you to use the web version of the plan or call the school by phone. For delays and / or unexcused absence, I can not be held liable.


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