Update: Cloud Downloader 2.9

Cloud Downloader 2.9The latest version of the cloud Downloader is not even a week old and still today there is a new update. In Version 2.9, there are contrary to 2.8 less new features as far more bug fixes.

I have revised the search algorithms as well as the download function and I hope to be able to deliver more “stable” results now. What has happened in detail, you can see from the list below.

Have fun with the new version and as always – thank you for your numerous feedback! (Since the last release I received more than 100 mails from you!)

Download: Cloud Downloader 2.9


Innovations and bugfixes in version 2.9:

  • Bugfix: “/search”-URLs will work again in the search
  • Feature: The donations dialog (which opens when closing the application) can be deactivated
  • Upgrade: Improved search and download algorithm
  • Upgrade: Improved error handling


  1. Kiikysays:

    Never worked so bad

  2. moniesays:

    it doesn’t work for me since months ! Every time I tried to search a sound I got this error message: “Couldn’t find songs. Maybe you found a bug …”
    Can you do something for me, I already try to send you link but still nothing


  3. bel57says:

    Thank you dude! I was searching for a reliable Soundcloud batch downloader, as the small software I used does not work anymore. You rock :)

  4. Hello, thanks for this app ! the only problem that i found is that when there is a message to upgrade the app, it’s open in internet explorer, why !! ? However thank you very much for the work (and sorry for my bad english !)

  5. Ahmedsays:

    I would like to thank you for your great work, for about more then 1 year i didn’t use any other tool for soundcloud dowloading and all that becouse of your efforts at this program.

  6. Kazsays:

    Thanks Raffi, the bug I reported in v2.8 is now fixed I see! Much appreciated :)

    • Kazsays:

      What code do we need to enter to disable the donation dialog? I tried the PayPal transaction ID, but this isn’t what’s required obviously…

      • I sent mails to all people that donated already. But unfortunately it seems that I’ve forgotten you. But now you should have got an email from me containing the code.

  7. tomsays:

    So you released version 2.9 now, but when i click the link to Download: Cloud Downloader 2.9 it brings me to the page to download version 2.8.
    it’s also a bit annoying when the old versions stop working because you made an update. i’m sure my 2.8 still works well enough that i can be already done downloading the mix i wanted to listen to when i go out today. maybe you could change that so the program just notifies us there is a new version, rather than completely blocking everyone out from using the old one?
    i’m not really a coder but i’m guessing there would be an easy way to change that if i looked through the files. kind of like when you bootleg an app and you have to edit a file to stop it from connecting to a remote server to look for updates etc..

    • Which update link is linking to 2.8? The one from the “update message” the CloudDownloader shows? That would be strange, because that one is definitely correct. Maybe your browser has cached the link…

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