Update: Cloud Downloader 3.1

Cloud Downloader 3.1

The weekend is almost over and I was diligent. So there is a new update for the Cloud Downloader.

In addition to some bug fixes, there are also one, two small new features this time. So it’s not a pure bugfix release.

In version 3.1 you there are inter alia the following improvements:


New features

  • Songs from the Soundcloud-Charts are supported now
  • If you don’t like the cat gifs (animations) during the download, you can disable them by now
  • If you like the animations, but don’t like cats, you can switch to dogs, sloths, donkeys, fails or wins.
  • The searchtype “albums” is also supported by now


  • Fixed some bugs in the song search
  • Lags and freezes while showing the animated gifs belong to the past
  • Better stability of the song search (less”no song found” = more fun)

You want it? You can get it! The downloadlink for the new version can be found (as always) in the main post regarding the CloudDownloader.

Download: Cloud Downloader 3.1


  1. traceElementsays:

    i loved this program, but has been years since it worked for me. you can try 4kvideodownloader it works for soundcloud and is free until or if we ever get another update here. peace.

  2. Gabysays:

    Agree with try, it would be great to have a new version that takes into account the changes in Soundcloud.

  3. Trysays:

    Hello we need a Version 3.2 Actually soundcloud have make some maj for contourne this app ! By the way best app ever

  4. manuelsays:

    Couldn’t find songs. Maybe you found a bug. Please send me the link,
    so that I may create a bugfix.

    Please send the following error message to webmaster@code-bude.net,
    click on the “Send error to developer button” or create a comment at the bud Downloader post on code-bude.net.https://soundcloud.com/jeffferreira/bigger-summer-2019

  5. Xebiasays:

    So happy with Cloud Downloader! I’ve have been using this for years. Thanks for creating this fantastic piece of software and sharing it with us. Have a great day!

  6. Ahmed Farouksays:

    May Allah blesses you, Really thanks

  7. Maxisays:


  8. Larasays:


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