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myspace loader iconAs one or the other user has already noticed, my myspace download tool, called “MySpace Loader”, unfortunately doesn’t work any longer. This is due to the final changeover of the MySpace website. Last months there was still a transitional phase in which both, the old and the new version of the website, was accessible. But since some days, only the new site is still online and by that reason my MySpace Loader does not work any longer.

Since I currently lack the time to rewrite the MySpace Loader for the new page, but I think it would also be a shame to let the project die, I have decided to publish the source code of MySpace Loader. Because I’ve often got mails in the last 2 years, in which I have been asked to give out the source code, I know that there are people who are interested in the sources.

So from now on you can grab the complete Visual Studio solution from GitHub. If you are able to repair the MySpace Loader or otherwise make use of the source code, I’d appreciate a comment or a short email. (This is not a must, but I always look forward to see what will become out of my projects and what others have for ideas if they see my sourcecode.)

A warning still in front. The first version of the loader is some years old and the project has grown over the years more and more. So expect no perfect or mature annotated code. In this sense – wish you a lot of fun with the project!

github download

MySpace Loader: sourcecode @ GitHub

 myspace loader info

MySpace Loader: information concerning the MySpace Loader

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