Digistore24 – Product catalog as Excel

Digistore Product Catalog as ExcelMost readers of this blog who are on the road to online marketing should have heard about Digistore24. With over 50,000 members and more than 3,500 products, it is probably the largest German marketplace for digital products.

Unfortunately with so many products their product catalog lost the clearness in some way. Although Digistore24 offers detailed information on each product, such as reward, churn rate, average reward per cart, etc., these criteria can not be filtered in the product list. As an affiliate, who is looking for a product which fits the own needs, one is left stranded.

Digistore product catalog as Excel table

That’s why I wrote a small tool, which makes a complete deduction of the listed products and writes them into a sortable and filterable Excel table. Thus, questions such as: “Show me all products whose revocations are < 5%, whose average remuneration is > 50 € and whose popularity is > 4.0 points.” can be answered with ease.

And because I want you to profit from this worksheet, too, I made the present extract available here:

https://code-bude.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Digistore24-Produktliste-Excel.pngDownload: Digitstore24 Product Catalog – Excel

If you also find the document useful, I would appreciate a small donation.

Daily updated Digistore24 productlist

In conclusion, I would be interested in how much interest you have in a daily updated list? (After all, new products are added daily and cancellation rates, etc. are changing.) If the interest is high enough, I would put the whole thing as web service/website. Finally, I like to ask one more question: “How high do you judge the financial surplus and would you be willing to pay for such a list? (And if so, how much?)”

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