How to get Whatsapp notifications on Sony Ericsson Liveview

LiveView Custom Notifications Whatsapp

Today I want to introduce you to a small plug-in for Sony Ericsson LiveView.  The LiveView makes it all really worthwhile for me. The plug-in is a “CustomNotifier plugin” and is available free at the Google Play Market, however, cannot be found easily through a normal search. (Unless you are versatile in Chinese.) That is the reason; I recommend you download the plug-in by following this link here. What is the plug-in capable of?

The CustomNotifier plugin, can as the name already implies, display any notifications on the LiveView. More specifically, pretty much every notifications of your Android device can be displayed.

Thus, for example, it is also possible to display notifications from your Whatsapp on the LiveView, without using a special Whatsapp plug-in. Since the configuration of CustomNotifier plug-in is not easy, I will show you below, how do you get the plug-in up and running? (In case your Android 4.0 (aka ICS) have problems with the activation of LiveView plug-ins, please read this article first.)

Display Whatapp, KiK-Messenger and other notifications in the Live View

Step 1:

Open the CustomNotifier plugin in the LiveView application. Enable it now by clicking on “enabled”. If necessary, you can still check “Use App Icon” set. If you activate the “Use App Icon” feature, the icon of the app is displayed in LiveView the notification dates are also displayed next to each notification.

LiveView_Whatsapp_Benachrichtigungen_Tutorial (1)  LiveView_Whatsapp_Benachrichtigungen_Tutorial (2)

Step 2:

Choose those apps, from which you want to receive notification.

LiveView_Whatsapp_Benachrichtigungen_Tutorial (3)

Step 3:

This step is very important, however, it is not clear from the plug-in itself. Open the system settings of your smartphone scroll down to “Accessibility “. It is important that you enable the CustomNotifier plugin here as well. The reason why, the notifications, which push the plug-in on your LiveView come from the notification bar of your device and therefore special read permissions are necessary.

LiveView_Whatsapp_Benachrichtigungen_Tutorial (4)  LiveView_Whatsapp_Benachrichtigungen_Tutorial (5)  LiveView_Whatsapp_Benachrichtigungen_Tutorial (6)

With a little luck, everything should be working now. I sincerely hope that I could help you and that you now can receive notifications from all your favourite apps on the Sony Ericsson LiveView display. If something was unclear or you have any questions, just drop me a line!

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