How to get Whatsapp notifications on Sony Ericsson Liveview

LiveView Custom Notifications Whatsapp
Today I want to introduce you to a small plug-in for Sony Ericsson LiveView. ┬áThe LiveView makes it all really worthwhile for me. The plug-in is a “CustomNotifier plugin” and is available free at the Google Play Market, however, cannot be found easily through a normal search. (Unless you are versatile in Chinese.) That is the reason; I recommend you download the plug-in by following this link here. What is the plug-in capable of?
The CustomNotifier plugin, can as the name already implies, display any notifications on the LiveView. More specifically, pretty much every notifications of your Android device can be displayed.
Thus, for example, it is also possible to display notifications from your Whatsapp on the LiveView, without using a special Whatsapp plug-in. Since the configuration of CustomNotifier plug-in is not easy, I […]

Workaround: How to use Sony Erricson LiveView Plug-ins with Android 4.0/ICS

Sony_Ericsson_LiveView_www.code-bude.netFollowing is a brief introduction. Those only looking for the solution of the problem, please scroll down.
For some time now I’m a proud owner of a Sony Ericsson Live View. The part has already irritated me when it came out, but at that time it was a bit above my price expectations.
Meanwhile you can get the small screen for your wrist for round about 20$. Even though the price may be decreased not only by its successor, but also by some negative criticism for the LiveView, I could not help but had to buy one.
All in all I’m quite satisfied with the Live View. The oft-lamented low battery life, I can not confirm. Over night I turn it off and make it so a battery life of no less than 4-5 […]