Workaround: How to use Sony Erricson LiveView Plug-ins with Android 4.0/ICS

Sony_Ericsson_LiveView_www.code-bude.netFollowing is a brief introduction. Those only looking for the solution of the problem, please scroll down.
For some time now I’m a proud owner of a Sony Ericsson Live View. The part has already irritated me when it came out, but at that time it was a bit above my price expectations.
Meanwhile you can get the small screen for your wrist for round about 20$. Even though the price may be decreased not only by its successor, but also by some negative criticism for the LiveView, I could not help but had to buy one.
All in all I’m quite satisfied with the Live View. The oft-lamented low battery life, I can not confirm. Over night I turn it off and make it so a battery life of no less than 4-5 days. […]