XiVerse – Xing reverse search engine

XiVerse ProduktbildFor some days I’m also on Xing. Who is also there, will certainly know the function that displays the last visitors of one’s own profile.
Unfortunately you do not get the names of your visitors, but only small thumbnails of the last visitor appears in the basic membership at Xing. Also a link to their profile is not given.
This feature is dedicated to premium users (~ 7 € / month) only. But that’s only the half truth.
Find out who visited your Xing progile without having premium status
In most cases it is possible to find out who were the last visitors on the own profile without premium membership. Therefore you have to compare the visitors thumbnails against some data.
In order to simplify the search procedure, as an exercise for myself and as a feasibility study in general, I have created […]