Mail from Far East – Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S2 at a bargain price

Airmail Hong KongToday I received the long-awaited package – but but let’s take one thing at a time…
For some time, I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2. And so my beloved smartphone even longer remains such beatiful, I bought a whole bunch of accessories on Ebay some weeks ago. Actually I just wanted a case, but I’m a penny pincher and therefore I ordered the following package. (For the case, that the link doesn’t work any longer, I have even made you a screenshot.) The package contained the following items:

3x protective foils
1x car charger
1x USB connection cable
1x car mount (with suction cup)
2x styluses (of course for capacitive screens)
4x silicone soft cases
1x silicone case with built-in stand
1x rubber case
1x flipcase (a “cover with lid”)
1x wristband with pocket (e.g. for sports)
2x batterys
1x battery-pack charger (including […]

Why Whatsapp is boon and bane at the same time

Whatsapp CC LogoWhatsapp, one of the most widely used messengers for mobile devices, should be known to the most people. I myself use Whatsapp since one and a half years and I have always been satisfied. I never had problems with messages send too late or something similar. Even money I had to pay not yet. And as my smartphone phone contract brings an internet flatrate with it, Whatsapp is a free alternative to SMS for me, which I don’t want to miss anymore.
Well now the payment model of whatsapp should indeed be known. iOS users pay once for the app – users of other systems, so as Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, get the app for free, but will be prompted after one year to pay for the service. The annual fee is then close to 1$. Even so […]

JavaScript based online Gameboy emulator

Original GameboyIt’s not often that I play games. And if I do, then my favorites are classic games. And yes, I still grow up with a Gameboy. With a large Gameboy.  Since these are no longer available, I have already had one or two emulators in my hands.  But what I’ve found now on the web, I’ve never seen before.
A student named Grant has developed his own Game Boy emulator. The remarkable thing is that it is completely written JavaScript and therefore runs online.
I think that’s an extraordinary achievement. An online demo can be found here. Also Grant has uploaded the sources to github.
The roms, which are needed to play, you have to get by yourself. But a short look over at Google should help you. Because the procurement of roms is in a […]

Update: HNBK.plan 1.0.8 released

hnbk.plan-1.0.8_screenshotThe last update for the HNBK.plan app is already again a while. Today I’ll present you a new release. HNBK.plan in version 1.0.8. But please don’t expect great innovations. I only removed one silly bug that has been created through the new year. The current version can be found in the main article for the app. (Follow the link below.)
Download: HNBK.plan 1.0.8
For the nerds there’s something to smile. The error, that had crept in, was one to hit your head on the table… But take a look for yourself…
Old line:
String planUrl = "" +kw + "/c" + createClassPath() + ".htm";
Fixed line:
String planUrl = "" + (((kw + "").length() == 1) ? "0"+kw : kw) + "/c" + createClassPath() + ".htm";
Best regards,

HNBK.plan – a substitute schedule app for the Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg

May I introduce to you? HNBK.plan – a substitute schedule app for the HNBK (Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg) in Essen, NRW. Since the online representation of the plan unfortunately is very awkward to reach and the operation via smartphone resembles a true odyssey, I thought it was time for an app. So I took time to learn the Android app development basics. To put it in a nutshell – I created my first native Android app, which can be downloaded by you from now on.
Screenshots and handling
hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (1)  hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (2)  hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (3)  hnbk.plan-1.0.7_screenshot (4)
(Click on the screenshots to maximize them)

After the initial start you have to select the class whose representation plan […]