How to enable autocomplete aka Intellisense in Notepad++

notepad++ patchAnyone who has ever worked with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, will know and love Intellisense. When writing source code the auto-completion feature does a good piece of work for you. Now the good news! If you are rather a fan of writing your code in a more lightweight editor like Notepad++, you don’t have to completely give up the autocomplete support.
Even Notepad++ comes with a auto-completion feature. It only needs to be activated. How to do that, is what I want to show you in the following.
Step 1:
notepad++_intellisense_autovervollständigung_aktivieren_1  notepad++_intellisense_autovervollständigung_aktivieren_2
Open the Options dialog from the menu and change to the tab “backup / autocomplete”. Now check both, the “Enable autocomplete” and “Show Function Parameters” option.
Step 2:

Best of Web #3

best of webNow it goes into the third round of Best of Web (#BoW). Every Monday, as promised, I post a few of my favorite internet finds. This week I’m a little late, but Monday just prior to 23:00 clock  still Monday. (So ​​I’ve reached my own goal again this week.)
Today there are some links about hardware and software hacks, IE toolbar programming and WordPress speed optimization. Also featuring: A infographic for nerds, the answer to the question “How to cluster a handful of Raspberry Pis?” and a short video to your general amusement. Let’s go!
Use the Raspberry Pi as Babel Fish
Ok, it’s not a real Babel fish, but Dave Conroy’s Raspberry Pi project is getting close to Douglas Adams Babelfish. He has “taught” the Raspberry Pi to translate between a lot of languages using various online translation […]

RadioduinoWRT – a do it yourself webradio

RadioduinoWRTToday I want to present you one of my larger craft projects. This time it is not just about software, but also about the associated hardware. What is it? A web radio!
I like to listen to internet radio stations, but I didn’t want to run my pc only for listening to webradios.  Connecting my phone to my stereo either wasn’t a solution, since I’d rather wear this with me, because I don’t want to run for each SMS / Whatsapp message to the music system. And because I always like to tinker, it was obvious to build a web radio as a standalone device myself.
As this article has become a bit longer, there is a brief overview of the following sections of the article, so that everyone can quickly find what he looks for.

What is the RadioduinoWRT?
Considerations before building
What should […]

Best of Web #2

best of webIt is once again Monday and as I explained to you last week, that is from now on my “Best of Web”-day. That means on every Monday I will post an article with my personal finds from the internet – just the “Best of Web”.
Whoever has missed the first roundup, can find it right over here. By the way – I would really love it to get an email or comment from you, if you have suggestions and recommendations for the upcoming roundup.
Otherwise, if you have no more questions, it’s now going on with “Best of Web”- round 2. This week with some nice infographics, a C# do-it-better blog and some tutorials.
Notifications with CSS
For a current web project I was looking for a way to display messages/notifications to the visitors of the website. Actually there are hundreds of guides and tutorials […]

Update: WordPress2Doc

Wordpress2Doc Version info: After Habared has kindly told me on GitHub that my “WordPress2Doc” tool has a few problems with UTF-8 characters, I took time and wrote a small fix.
In fact, I had missed the character encoding in the HTML code that is embedded in both, the generated .docx- and .pdf-documents.
The latest, UTF-8 compatible version of WordPress2Doc can be found both in the main article and on GitHub. I would appreciate any feedback!
Download WordPress2Doc