Best of Web #2

best of webIt is once again Monday and as I explained to you last week, that is from now on my “Best of Web”-day. That means on every Monday I will post an article with my personal finds from the internet – just the “Best of Web”.

Whoever has missed the first roundup, can find it right over here. By the way – I would really love it to get an email or comment from you, if you have suggestions and recommendations for the upcoming roundup.

Otherwise, if you have no more questions, it’s now going on with “Best of Web”- round 2. This week with some nice infographics, a C# do-it-better blog and some tutorials.

Notifications with CSS

For a current web project I was looking for a way to display messages/notifications to the visitors of the website. Actually there are hundreds of guides and tutorials on the internet concerning this scope. So I want to share my choice with you.
Finally I’ve decided on an article for CSS-based notification by CSSportal, because their example fitted my optical needs. I hope you like it, too.

Descendants() vs. Elements() in C#

LINQ to XML is a true blessing in the eyes of many developers. Dealing with XML documents is much faster done. Often, however, for each and every LINQ query the Descendants() method is used , without questioning whether the Elements() method would do a better job.

That’s the reason why Marcin wrote the following blog about “When is it the right time for Elements() and why you should not always deal with Descendants()“.

10 companies we come across daily

10 really hugh companies

Let us come to our first infographic for this week’s “Best of Web” roundup. It is a graphic that shows you which brands belong to the portfolio of 10 major corporations.

At a first glance this doesn’t sound really spectacular, but at least I was really impressed by a second glance.  So have you ever asked yourself which company really gets the money, if you buy Dove? (Small hint: It’s not Dove!)

Google Analytics for SME (German content)

Google für KMUI have found a beautiful, interactive infographic on that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to facilitate the entry into the Google Analytics World.

Based on the infographic you go step for step through various questions. If you answer a question for yourself with yes, it goes to the next question. If you answered  with no, the infographic provides you with a link to an appropriate tutorial.

In my opinion, you can learn a lot from the linked articles – even if you are not owning or leading a small or medium sized business.

My favourite RegEx tutorial (German content)

Anyone who ever has hunted a bit more than “Hello World” on the compiler or the script engine will be probably already stumbled once on regular expressions.

However, if you do not work with it every day and want something more than to just match a product number or something simple like that, then you’ll find yourself quickly lost in endless Google queries. My personal favorite and my top recommendation this week is the tutorial on Regular Expressions by webstarg. (Sadly it’s written in German.)

The German election as a comic-strip

Finally there is, as well as last week, a short video. This time, BBC News explains to us the German election in round about 2 minutes. Indeed the German elections are run though, but I think the video is still informative and worth seeing it.

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