How to enable autocomplete aka Intellisense in Notepad++

notepad++ patchAnyone who has ever worked with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, will know and love Intellisense. When writing source code the auto-completion feature does a good piece of work for you. Now the good news! If you are rather a fan of writing your code in a more lightweight editor like Notepad++, you don’t have to completely give up the autocomplete support.

Even Notepad++ comes with a auto-completion feature. It only needs to be activated. How to do that, is what I want to show you in the following.

Step 1:

notepad++_intellisense_autovervollständigung_aktivieren_1  notepad++_intellisense_autovervollständigung_aktivieren_2

Open the Options dialog from the menu and change to the tab “backup / autocomplete”. Now check both, the “Enable autocomplete” and “Show Function Parameters” option.

Step 2:


From now on Notpad++ should propose you the most common functions of the programming/scripting language while typing.

Certainly the feature can’t be compared with Microsoft’s Intellisense for real, but it nevertheless facilitates immensely the work. And Notepad++ is, contrary to the Visual Studio. even a lot of megabytes smaller and also free of charge. What I’m a little bit sad of, is that you have to activate the autocomplete in Notepad++ by hand. Sure, there are only 2-3 clicks until the feature is activated, but who isn’t a “notorious setting hustler” like me, comes usually not in such exquisite taste of gimmicks.

So now I want to know, if you knew this feature already? Or do you use even another editor?


  1. majidsays:

    thank you very much

  2. Rampradeepsays:

    hai i have seen this post but i am not able to make intelligence while i am writing java code.
    Sorry for asking this i am very new to this concept but i need to ask my doubt is that in my naotepad++ my options are different from urs why.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks. I love notepad++ and start working on our logon scripts again, digging up my old kixtart files and wanted auto-complete for them.

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