How to use Wortschatz Leipzig web services in C#

C# Sourcecode IconIn that article I provided a small C# based library that allows you to easily access the thesaurus web service of the Wortschatz Leipzig project.
Now, in this article, I want to describe briefly what “obstacles” I had to overcome to address the web service from C#. Despite the fact that the Wortschatz Leipzig team provides a WSDL file for their web service, it is not done with adding a Web- or ServiceReference in Visual Studio.
Add Wortschatz Leipzig web service to Visual Studio solution
First you need to create a ServiceReference to the desired web service. For this article, let’s take the thesaurus web service. The path to the WSDL file, which is required to create the ServiceReference, is:
Info: I called the ServiceReference “ThesaurusClient”.
Now one would think that everything is done and you would have to instantiate the client class and […]

C#-API for the Wortschatz Leipzig webservices

csharp webserviceAt the weekend I was looking for a way to find synonyms for a given word. After a quick search on the net I came across the Openthesaurus project, which offers an offline database of synonyms for download. However, I wanted to have a second source for comparison. After further searching, I went to the thesaurus of the “Wortschatz Leipzig” project.  Although they offer no offline synonym database, but a free webservice.
Since this web service can not be easily integrated in the Visual Studio into your own projects and it took me some time and energy to figure out how to get things up and running, I have enclosed my whole web service client code into a small library.
If you’re not interested in a “ready-to-use” library, but in […]