How to use Wortschatz Leipzig web services in C#

C# Sourcecode IconIn that article I provided a small C# based library that allows you to easily access the thesaurus web service of the Wortschatz Leipzig project.
Now, in this article, I want to describe briefly what “obstacles” I had to overcome to address the web service from C#. Despite the fact that the Wortschatz Leipzig team provides a WSDL file for their web service, it is not done with adding a Web- or ServiceReference in Visual Studio.
Add Wortschatz Leipzig web service to Visual Studio solution
First you need to create a ServiceReference to the desired web service. For this article, let’s take the thesaurus web service. The path to the WSDL file, which is required to create the ServiceReference, is:
Info: I called the ServiceReference “ThesaurusClient”.
Now one would think that everything is done and you would have to instantiate the client class and […]