Update: Cloud Downloader 2.5

Cloud Downloader 2.5 - DownloadFor a few minutes the new Cloud Downloader has been available for download. Besides a few bug fixes, some new features were added in the current version 2.5.
At this point, once again thank you for your feedback from the community and your emails with suggestions and ideas.
New features and fixes in version 2.5:

Fix: Likes/like-pages are found in search again.
Upgrade: Improved search algorithm.
Feature: During the search process a more detailed search progress is shown, so that waiting times can be bridged better.
Feature: There’s a new tab for settings. Both the “download is ready”-sound and the pop-up which is shown after successful downloads can be disabled by the user. If needed a standard download path can be preselected.
Feature: A self-test which runs during the applications startup was implemented. Thus we can hopefully find out why the downloader is crashing on some users’ PC.

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Update: Cloud Downloader 2.4

Cloud Downloader 2.4The following post will be very brief but nevertheless it will bring you some nice news. With immediate effect version 2.4 of my Cloud Downloader is ready for download.
In this version there are no new features, but some important bug fixes. Since Soundcloud has once again screwed up their website, as well as their API, some playlists and profiles couldn’t be loaded with the 2.3 version any longer.
That’s why there is the new 2.4 version. So everything should work again. As always – if you find errors or have suggestions, let me know!
Get the new: Cloud Downloader 2.4
I’m looking forward to get some likes and tweets from you. ;-)

Update: Cloud Downloader 2.3

Cloud Downloader Version 2.3In September I brought out the last cloud downloader update. Now today I’ll release the next version for you. With the last update there have been some changes to the download logic in order to respond to the changes on the SoundCloud website. Unfortunately, my algorithm was not 100% bullet-proof, so in playlists only the first 10 songs have been displayed.
In addition to that SoundCloud began to stream some songs exclusively as rtmp stream, so I had to rework the download logic another time. I look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new downloader.
Changelog (Version 2.3):

Bugfix: Possible to search playlists of any size (the 10-song-limit was removed)
Bugfix: Fixed 404-errors while downloading (by adding RTMP support)
Feature: The actual status of a searchquery is shown (this helps you while searching big playlists)
Refactored: Reworked the download logic and routines for wider support
Refactored: Wrote the threading parts again for better overall […]

Update: WordPress2Doc

Wordpress2Doc Version info: After Habared has kindly told me on GitHub that my “WordPress2Doc” tool has a few problems with UTF-8 characters, I took time and wrote a small fix.
In fact, I had missed the character encoding in the HTML code that is embedded in both, the generated .docx- and .pdf-documents.
The latest, UTF-8 compatible version of WordPress2Doc can be found both in the main article and on GitHub. I would appreciate any feedback!
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