Update: Cloud Downloader 2.5

Cloud Downloader 2.5 - DownloadFor a few minutes the new Cloud Downloader has been available for download. Besides a few bug fixes, some new features were added in the current version 2.5.

At this point, once again thank you for your feedback from the community and your emails with suggestions and ideas.

New features and fixes in version 2.5:

  • Fix: Likes/like-pages are found in search again.
  • Upgrade: Improved search algorithm.
  • Feature: During the search process a more detailed search progress is shown, so that waiting times can be bridged better.
  • Feature: There’s a new tab for settings. Both the “download is ready”-sound and the pop-up which is shown after successful downloads can be disabled by the user. If needed a standard download path can be preselected.
  • Feature: A self-test which runs during the applications startup was implemented. Thus we can hopefully find out why the downloader is crashing on some users’ PC.

Get the new: Cloud Downloader 2.5


Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Search songs  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Search load header information  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Song list

Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Download  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - History  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Settings


  1. Felipesays:

    I tried to download some songs in a playlist and also in a search but the software only let me download 80 songs maximum, is there any way to download all songs , over 100, thank you.

    • Hey Felipe,

      you’re posting below the article for version 2.5. Actual there’s version 2.7! You can find it here: http://en.code-bude.net/2013/01/02/cloud-downloader/

      So first question – which version do you use? Second question: Could you post the link to the playlist, so that I can analyze it?

      • Felipesays:

        I tried the new version and it only downloads the first 80 songs.

        First of all i wanted to download a tag but it seems there is not sofware for that, is there?

        So I managed to change it to a search link and here it is from that tag : kiirtan
        Thanks for the help.

  2. stevesays:

    previous ver worked ace. now this update not going on at all….disappointed

  3. wraith123says:

    thank you sir for all your work…it will be good bro if you develop samething for android platforms…thanks…

  4. Michaelsays:

    nevermind changed https to http. works fine now

  5. when I put in this website in the search, it should the searching cloud and then goes gray. Am i doing something wrong?

    Thanks again, you have save me soooo much time for my radio show

  6. WTFsays:

    wow… I think I’ll use something else. So many frickin ad links. Bad.

  7. thank you !!!!

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