Update: Cloud Downloader 3.0

Feels like I’m having a run. Thus, today there is an update for the Cloud Downloader. This time the new version number is 3.0 – and did you get it? We have a round version number. And this means…

…tday there is not only bug fixes, but also new features. What exactly has changed, I want to summarize in the following. But first have a look at some screenshots!

Cloud Downloader 3.0 - better search Cloud Downloader 3.0 - file size prediction Cloud Downloader 3.0 - new features

New features

  • From now on the search screen will show you the filesize (in megabyte) of all tracks together. Moreover it shows also the size of the selected songs. Thus, you can estimate before downloading, if your download list will fit on your favorite USB drive.
  • The actual transmission rate is displayed during the download.
  • The remaining time and the remaining amount of data to be downloaded is shown during the download.
  • To shorten the waiting time during the download, randomly selected cat GIFs will be played. Everyone likes cats, right?


  • The search function now takes arbitrarily large playlists and profiles. Previously, the search was limited to round about 200 songs per link. Now there is no limit anylonger.


I hope you’ll have much fun with the new version and as always I appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvements. The download of the new version can be found (as usual) by clicking the following link:

Download: Cloud Downloader 3.0


  1. LAZ-Rsays:

    Thanks, a lot of good work with this software, since the beginning, and the 3.0 is really great, as always. Love it =)

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