Update: Cloud Downloader 2.6

Cloud Downloader 2.6 - SearchingToday is “update day”. From now on you can download the new Cloud Downloader 2.6. Besides some bugfixes, I have implemented some new features which came from you – the community. At this point I really like to say “thank you” for your outstanding support, your bug reports and your new ideas.

Below is a quick overview of what has changed in the new version:

  • [Feature] Search- and download status are shown in the taskbar from now on. So you can minimize the Cloud Downloader window without leaving focus the app’s status.
  • [Feature] Album covers are saved in a higher resolution (500×500 px instead of 100x100px) from now on.
  • [Feature] You can get more songs from an artist and support him, by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the search results. (This starts an amazon.com search for the artist’s name and the song’s title.)
  • [Bugfix] Soundcloud url’s in the form of search requests (http://…search?q=) are working again.
  • [Bugfix] If you choose the “keep search results for the next searches”-option, already marked/checked songs will be remembered. (Until now the markings got lost if you started a second search.)
  • [Refactoring] The Windows MediaPlayer dependency was removed. Instead the NAudio-library will be used for streaming music. I hope that this will fix the crashes at some user’s machines.


Download: Cloud Downloader 2.6


Cloud Downloader 2.6 - Searching  Cloud Downloader 2.6 - Shopping  Cloud Downloader 2.6 - Status in Taskbar


  1. willyjusays:

    Clouddownloader seems not work since few days … I’m the only one ?
    The application doesn’t succeed to find any file …
    Help I’m lost without your application !!!

  2. ecommsays:

    Cloud Downloader 2.6 doesn’t seem to work anymore. Each time i try to copy/past a soundcloud-link i don’t get results, so i can’t select the song to be downloaded.

  3. Hilario De Leon Alvaradosays:

    Please, can you help me? I´m tryin’ to install the Cloud Cownloader, and I get this msg:

    Not writable: AppConfig (Acceso denegado a la ruta de acceso ‘C:\Program Files\CloudDownloaderVersion_2.6\Cloud Downloader 2.6\CloudDownloader.exe.config’.)
    General startup fail: Se ha producido un error al cargar el archivo de configuración: Acceso denegado a la ruta de acceso ‘C:\Program Files\CloudDownloaderVersion_2.6\Cloud Downloader 2.6\ylxbg59q.tmp’. (C:\Program Files\CloudDownloaderVersion_2.6\Cloud Downloader 2.6\CloudDownloader.exe.config)

    I’m using the Bitdefender Total Security as my Firewall, and I have no idea how to complete the instalation.

    Thanks for your help! Regards!

    • That’s easy. Either start the application with right-click “Start as administrator” or move the Cloud Downloader folder out of “C:\Program files” (for example to your Desktop or your own files.

  4. Rourowsays:

    I don’t know where i can clic to download it.
    Damn, the old version was working really good, please HELP ME :)

  5. Jerrysays:

    Seems to work nicely. Thanks!

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