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404Checkr - RunningQuick interim report – as of today there is a new version of my mass linktester called “404Checkr”.

For those who can not remember anymore, let me explain it in a few words – the 404Checkr was released about a year ago by me. By means of this tool one can easily and very quickly test lots of links for their validity. Thus, for example, one can easily check out which webpages of a linklist are still online and which aren’t.

In the current version ( I have added four new features:

  1. The 404Checkr now brings its own system to resolve domain names. Thus it can be taken to find the IP from a server by using its domain name. So servers can be tested even if Windows isn’t able to resolve the domain name.
  2. Any user agent can be specified. Thus, the 404Checkr can impersonate any browser / user.
  3. The result list has been extended by two tabs. Besides the complete result list now you can also display only the successful or only the faulty scanned urls.
  4. Update check. The 404Checkr notifies you when there is a new update

Get the new 404Checkr

404Checkr - Start  404Checkr - Completed


404Checkr - Completed - Good  404Checkr - Completed - Bad


  1. Hi! I tried the 404checkr on three different computers with variable url batch zise ( 1K, 2K, 5K, 22K)

    I noticed that result in the “live result” are fine, but on all three computers running windows 7, 8.1, The bad result pane result are mostly wrong. When I click on a link, I get a random site, so the results in this pane can not be trusted. Any hint why?


  2. Jamessays:

    Easy to use and helpful software – great job, Raffi.

    One question: would you mind uploading the source code for the program?, I would like to perform some modifications on it such as adding a timer function, etc… That would be very much appreciated! Once again, thanks for the very useful tool which you’ve created and shared with us.

    Best regards,
    James Reckett

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