Update: Cloud Downloader 2.4


Cloud Downloader 2.4The following post will be very brief but nevertheless it will bring you some nice news. With immediate effect version 2.4 of my Cloud Downloader is ready for download.

In this version there are no new features, but some important bug fixes. Since Soundcloud has once again screwed up their website, as well as their API, some playlists and profiles couldn’t be loaded with the 2.3 version any longer.

That’s why there is the new 2.4 version. So everything should work again. As always – if you find errors or have suggestions, let me know!

Get the new: Cloud Downloader 2.4

I’m looking forward to get some likes and tweets from you. ;-)


  1. Johnsays:

    Love this software and I’ve been using it for a while. Is there any way to grab your “liked” files? I tried signing into soundcloud in IE then paste the


    into the cloud downloader but nothing comes up. This would be a cool feature!

    • This won’t work, because the Cloud Downloader doesn’t use IE’s ressource (but HttpWebRequest-class). So it also doesn’t know IE’s login session’s.

      One proper workaround for your problem:
      Replace the ‘you’ inside the url with your profile name.

      So for me this would be:
      instead of

      • Johnsays:

        Works perfectly with the 2.5 update. thanks man! Also the new settings are just what I was looking for. Its nice to disable that popup and have a directory pre-selected

  2. bobsays:

    Great software but it’s extremely fucked up (like beyoooond fucked up) that you force people to download the updates. Like if there’s a new version the old one stops working.

    Stop doing that you fucking asshole.

    Great program though!

    • If you think that I’m a “fucking asshole” stop using the software and take another one. There’s a reason for this behaviour but you wouldn’t understand. So stop trolling me and leave this site… Thanks!

  3. genlonsays:

    Is it possible to get the downloads in higher res? 320 instead of 128

    Keep up the good work!


    • I’m sorry, but there is no way to get the raw files. So this is the best quality I can get.

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