wpSuggest – find the right keywords for your WordPress articles

Google SuggestToday I want to present you a WordPress plugin once again. But let us start with a short introduction.
Google’s autocomplete feature called Google Suggest should be known by everyone who uses Google. (And that should probably be the most.)  It is really convenient if you do not have to type in the complete search phrase everytime, because Google already suggests, what you actually wanted to write/search.
However, Google Suggest offers even more. Because if you do not know which keywords you need to use exactly, or want to know what is popular, so you just type a few letters or a word and then Google is proposing all suitable or relevant search phrases. And here we come to the WordPress plugin, that I want to introduce you today.
Uwe Ramminger from seo4wp.de namely has developed a small WordPress plugin called wpSuggest, […]

Lightbox Plugin for WordPress 3.3

Lightbox Plus BeispielToday I want to point you to a plugin for WordPress, that I use for a few days here on my blog. It’s called Lightbox Plus Colorbox and is mainly used to display photos. I had already installed some lightbox plugins in my blog but none of them met all my requirements …
(All of you, who have no idea what a “lightbox” is, should click on the small left-hand image. As you will see, the picture does not open in a new window, but places on the Web site and the background is dimmed/grayed out. That’s what the lightbox plugin is responsible for.)
With Lightbox Plus I have now found a lightbox plugin which fits like a hand in glove to my requirements. It’s free, compatible with WordPress 3.3, has a lot of options and most importantly it fits […]

How to use gzip on WordPress

gzipSo far I never worried about the page load speed of this blog. But so far I even thought WordPress would use gzip compression on it’s own. Like I said, so far. Today I realized that WordPress is not just doing exactly that.
For those who are lost in gzip, I’ll give a short explanation at first. Gzip is a compression method in order to minimize the size of a file. Today it is mostly used on Unix systems. In the website context, it is used to reduce the size of data which is transferred from the server to the user’s web browser. This not only reduces the traffic and, by implication, the overheads too, but also it brings a reduction of the […]

code-bude.net from now on in english

code-bude.net multilingual
I’ve planned for quite some time to blog in german and english. Therefore I read many articles about how to set up a multilingual wordpress blog. Although there are a lot of plugins for wordpress, which claim to be the best translation plugin ever, the most of them are more or less useless for me or don’t satisfy my requirements.
One importent criterion for me was that the plugin should work “hand in hand” with google. Sure, I’m not that epic seo professional, but I think I know the most basics. And a multiligual plugin, which save the texts from multi languages inside one post, under one url and only shows and hides these translations, is crap. Google will find one url, keywords and meta-tags only in one language, but texts for atleast two languages. That […]