Lightbox Plugin for WordPress 3.3

Lightbox Plus BeispielToday I want to point you to a plugin for WordPress, that I use for a few days here on my blog. It’s called Lightbox Plus Colorbox and is mainly used to display photos. I had already installed some lightbox plugins in my blog but none of them met all my requirements …
(All of you, who have no idea what a “lightbox” is, should click on the small left-hand image. As you will see, the picture does not open in a new window, but places on the Web site and the background is dimmed/grayed out. That’s what the lightbox plugin is responsible for.)
With Lightbox Plus I have now found a lightbox plugin which fits like a hand in glove to my requirements. It’s free, compatible with WordPress 3.3, has a lot of options and most importantly it fits […]