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I’ve planned for quite some time to blog in german and english. Therefore I read many articles about how to set up a multilingual wordpress blog. Although there are a lot of plugins for wordpress, which claim to be the best translation plugin ever, the most of them are more or less useless for me or don’t satisfy my requirements.

One importent criterion for me was that the plugin should work “hand in hand” with google. Sure, I’m not that epic seo professional, but I think I know the most basics. And a multiligual plugin, which save the texts from multi languages inside one post, under one url and only shows and hides these translations, is crap. Google will find one url, keywords and meta-tags only in one language, but texts for atleast two languages. That really isn’t the number one way of setting up seo-friendly multi language wordpress blog.

So I had limited my choices to two plugins. WPML and Multilingual Press. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. WPML for example has been around much longer than Multilingual Press and the most bug reports are already written and solved. Multilingual Press however has a free-to-use version, where WPML begins at 29 $ upwards. Another advantage of Multilingual Press is the fact, that it uses the WordPress Multisite feature, which meands, that it uses a blog for each language. If there’s maybe a bug with the translation plugin one day, this is no problem for the Multilingual Press system, because both blogs run fine without Multilingual Press. On the contrary to WPML Multilingual Press is only a helper plugin. That was finally the reason why I have choosen Multilingual Press as my “partner” for my localization project.

From now on, so I will blog in two languages. German and English. The articles which I have already been written by me over the last a half years, will be gradually translated by me. So from now on, you can visit for German articles and for English articles.


p.s.: My English is far from perfect. This is also one of the reasons why I started to blog in English. I want to write more in English to improve my skills. So please be patient with me and if you find any mistakes, write me a comment and give me chance to learn what was wrong. ;)

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