Open SAP GUI from HTML out of your webbrowser

SAP aus Browser aufrufenSome time ago I got into a discussion about whether it is possible to open transactions in the SAP GUI out of the browser. The opinion of the colleagues was unanimous – start SAP GUI from browser is something not be done.
However I have maintained and created a small proof-of-concept. Because it works. Ok, it’s not pretty, but it works. And that’s how to call the SAP GUI from the browser.
sapshcut.exe and what you can do with it
The solution works (among other things) using the sapshcut.exe (short for SAP Shortcut). This .exe file allows to start the SAP GUI parameterized. The possible parameters ranging from user via logon language up to the executed transaction. A complete list of possible parameters can be obtained by calling the sapshcut.exe with the parameter -?. (See screenshots below.)
sapshcut.exe - help from cmd  

How to make remote IPs available on OS X’ PPTP VPN connections

OSX VPN RoutingLet me describe the initial situation: I connect my Macbook via PPTP VPN with an remote network using the standard OSX VPN client. While the VPN connection is established, however, there is the following problem.
All devices on the remote network get IP addresses within the range assigned. However, the local IP range on the external network is A server, which (as local user of the remote network) can be reached via for example, now (via VPN connection) has the IP Unfortunately it is not clear which server got what IP from the block of adresses.
Add routing rule for PPTP VPN connection on OSX
The solution is quite simple in this case. The only condition so that subsequent workaround will be successful is that the IP range in which the Macbook is, is an other than the local range of the external network. If the Macbook is therefore also […]

Change “View Source” editor in Internet Explorer and Edge

Switch Editor in Internet Explorer
Those of you, who create websites do well to ensure that these are displayed correctly in all major browsers. But as most of you should know, due to differences between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari this succeeds only in the rarest cases right away.
Thus, as a developer you’ll frequently have a look to the source code of a website, which in most cases just hurts in Internet Explorer, because the default editor of the “View source code” function is just a new window in IE instead of a good editor. Maybe it’s ok for a quick look, but not for getting work done.
Anyone who prefers to use Notepad++, SublimeText or another editor of choice to display the source code of a webpage in Internet Explorer, should give me his attention for the next minutes. In the following article I […]

Update: Cloud Downloader 2.9

Cloud Downloader 2.9The latest version of the cloud Downloader is not even a week old and still today there is a new update. In Version 2.9, there are contrary to 2.8 less new features as far more bug fixes.
I have revised the search algorithms as well as the download function and I hope to be able to deliver more “stable” results now. What has happened in detail, you can see from the list below.
Have fun with the new version and as always – thank you for your numerous feedback! (Since the last release I received more than 100 mails from you!)
Download: Cloud Downloader 2.9
Innovations and bugfixes in version 2.9:

Bugfix: “/search”-URLs will work again in the search
Feature: The donations dialog (which opens when closing the application) can be deactivated
Upgrade: Improved search and download algorithm
Upgrade: Improved error handling

Update: Cloud Downloader 2.8

Cloud Downloader 2.8
Since a couple of minutes the new version 2.8 of the CloudDownloader is available for you. At this point I would like to thank you for your numerous feedback that has been incorporated into the new version of Cloud Downloader.
In addition to a few bugfixes, the new version has mainly received your wishes and suggestions. I also added some small new features out of my head. You can see from the following list what has happened exactly.
As always, I look forward to your feedback. If you have ideas for improvements, just tell me!
Download: CloudDownloader 2.8
Innovations and bugfixes in version 2.8:

Bugfix: The “/tracks” URLs work again in the search.
Bugfix: Songs from the homepage ( can be found again.
Upgrade: When a song (for technical reasons) can not be downloaded, it will be skipped and displayed at the end in a list. (Previously an error always […]