Update: Cloud Downloader 2.8

Cloud Downloader 2.8

Since a couple of minutes the new version 2.8 of the CloudDownloader is available for you. At this point I would like to thank you for your numerous feedback that has been incorporated into the new version of Cloud Downloader.

In addition to a few bugfixes, the new version has mainly received your wishes and suggestions. I also added some small new features out of my head. You can see from the following list what has happened exactly.

As always, I look forward to your feedback. If you have ideas for improvements, just tell me!

Download: CloudDownloader 2.8

Innovations and bugfixes in version 2.8:

  • Bugfix: The “/tracks” URLs work again in the search.
  • Bugfix: Songs from the homepage (https://soundcloud.com/) can be found again.
  • Upgrade: When a song (for technical reasons) can not be downloaded, it will be skipped and displayed at the end in a list. (Previously an error always stopped the complete download list.)
  • Upgrade: Album cover/artwork should now always appear in good resolution. (Also available on Apple devices.)
  • Upgrade: D3 tags now support newlines/linebreaks.
  • Upgrade: The search box was expanded by a “clear” and a “paste” button.
  • Upgrade: Update dialog improved. (Partial the links in the update message led on old versions.)
  • Feature: On request, the title can also be written in the ID3 tag album field. (Some players show the artwork only if the album field is filled.)
  • Feature: On request, HD downloads are now available in their original format (eg WAV, WMA, etc.). The downloader won’t wrap any file as mp3-format as long as you wish so.
  • Feature: By using the “-s”-parameter, the CloudDownloader can be started from commandline into searchmode.
  • Feature: If a download breaks or no songs are found, an error dialog will be shown. Here you can send me the error with just one click, so that I can fix it faster.
  • Feature: After use of the program, a small request on my part appears.

Download: CloudDownloader 2.8


Cloud Downloader 2.8 - new download settings   Cloud Downloader 2.8 - send error to developer dialog

Cloud Downloader 2.8 - console parameters   Cloud Downloader 2.8 - new search help


  1. Kazsays:

    Love the software, but new version is buggy – doesn’t actually save the files (displays “Download finished” straight away), and then crashes with JIT exception (see below).

    In the meantime, can you post the link to v2.7 again please?

    Also, is there any way to disable the donation prompt? I already donated $20 on 10 May 2015 :)

    • Hey Kaz,

      at first – I removed the debug log and saved it. So don’t worry, I got it. ;-) Then – thanks for you donation. Unfortunately you can’t disable the donation dialog in this version. But in the next version there will be an option. I’ll release the 2.8.X in the next few days with some bug fixes. I’m sorry for the inconveniences.

      Just one more question. Are only some downloads not working or do all downloads crash?

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