Update: Cloud Downloader 2.2

Cloud Downloader Update 2.2 - Soundcloud DownloaderThe last release of my Cloud Downloader was round about one and a half year ago. But since then there was no solid ground to release a new version. The Cloud Downloader worked flawlessly since it’s last release and also there were no noteworthy feature requests.

But in the last two days I got several mails and comments telling me that the Cloud Downloader stopped working. So I opened my IDE, stepped into the code, started debugging and worked on a bugfix. And what should I say – here it is!

Today I’ve released the new Cloud Download 2.2 which got some bugfixes and one, simple new feature.

Changelog (Version 2.2):

  • Bugfix: Search- and download functions got repaired.
  • Bugfix: The downloader doesn’t crash any longer, if you try to sort the empty search result grid.
  • Feature: The “Download ready”-sound can be deactivated.
  • Refactored: New implementation of the settings/config methods. Less files and more stability.
  • Refactored: Reworked the update check.

Download: Cloud Downloader 2.2

I hope you like the new release. Please leave some feedback or hit the “like”-button.


  1. dearsinasays:

    Amazing software. I have also hit the 10 tracks limit, have a look at this playlist for example:


    Any way of downloading more than 10? If the limit is set to 10 to not trigger some sort of alert, perhaps introduce a buffer timezone in the middle?

    Thanks again for developing this tool, it’s a real life saver for the times when I am not connected to the internet (flights, areas with no wifi, etc).

    • Patriseisays:

      Hi Raffi

      der Download-Link funzt nicht mehr, wenn man nach Ablauf der 5 Sekunden Skip-Ad drückt, passiert nix mehr außerdem bekomme ich von Bitdefender einen Virus-Alarm ausgeworfen ?!

      Grüße Patrick

      • Habe den Downloadlink angepasst. Sollte nun wieder gehen. Die “Virenmeldung” könnte durch eine Werbeanzeige hervorgerufen werden. Darauf habe ich leider keinen direkten Einfluss. Ich habe den Werbeanbieter aber nun temporär entfernt.

        Kleiner Tipp: Du befindest dich auf der englischen Seite meines Blogs. Zur deutschen Seite gelangst du, wenn du das “en.” am Anfang der Domain entfernst oder oben rechts in der Seitenleiste auf die deutsche Flagge klickst.

        Viele Grüße

  2. Nekosays:

    Hey! I love clouddownloader, and I’ve been using it for years, but it isn’t working out for me anymore.

    I’m using 2.2 and nothing i enter into the search will return results. It stays gray and I get no error messages. Any idea?

    • Simonsays:

      Hello Neko, i’ve discover this software several month ago and it changes my way of downloading !

      But it doesn’t work anymore since 1 month i think, Somoene has discover an other solution ?!

  3. Paulsays:

    Thank you, one of my favourite things.

  4. Vaiheisays:

    Bonsoir, le téléchargement se fait bien mais en revanche je n’arrive pas à activer sur mon PC Windows 7, ça m’affiche qu’il y a un problème avec ensuite plus rien donc au finale rien ne s’exécute!! SVP de l’aide si vous pouvez me répondre!!

  5. Lorensays:

    Hi there!
    I like to ask you one thing about this fantastic tool (Cloud Downloader).
    How can I make the cloud downloader to dowloads playlists larger than 10 tracks?
    Trying normally it only sohow and donwnload maximun a ten list, dooesn’t matter if there are 11 – 14 or 22 maybe…
    It’s possible?
    I appreciate a lot your work!!
    Thanks a lot!!

  6. enviar

  7. Menditarsays:

    I can’t download any more with the new version on my windows 7 PC :( using google chrome !

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