The Restart Page – restart as the whim takes you

Some time ago, Falk (who is also responsible for shared a link on Facebook to a site which got my attention. Although it’s a small site, it’s very entertaining. The page is called “The Restart Page” and does not more or less, than it’s title promises.
Currently 17 operating systems are offered. By clicking on the respective “Restart” button for the OS, a realistic restart animation/simulation is offered.
Whether the whole thing makes sense and offers great value, I doubt it. But anyway it’s nice to see it and thus all got a great job at such a gray Sunday like today.
What I would find interesting: Did Apple’s Rhapsody really started such slow? Because if so, you could cook a barrel of coffee and install Windows x-times, until Rhapsody is started. Phew, I love my Windows 8 – cold booting in some […]

globalCompositeOperation copy fix – how to paint transparent on JS canvas

Below there is again a very special article. I think the people who are affected will understand what it is about. All others must be said that the next article will be for a wider audience again.
Some time ago I wrote an article about small progress bar script of mine, which is implemented entirely in JavaScript. Particular attention I had laid in part to the nice rounded corners. (See the following screenshot)
Javascript only Progressbar
Originally, I had realized the transparent corners using own paths, which I created and filled as shown below.

ctx.globalCompositeOperation = "copy";
ctx.fillStyle = "rgba(0,0,0,0.0)";

Unfortunately I had to recognize that the script was not working correct any longer. But the JavaScript console of different browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) curiously gave me no errors or warnings.
After some googling I found out that the globalCompositeOperation “copy” is not correctly implemented/supported anymore. […]

wpSuggest – find the right keywords for your WordPress articles

Google SuggestToday I want to present you a WordPress plugin once again. But let us start with a short introduction.
Google’s autocomplete feature called Google Suggest should be known by everyone who uses Google. (And that should probably be the most.)  It is really convenient if you do not have to type in the complete search phrase everytime, because Google already suggests, what you actually wanted to write/search.
However, Google Suggest offers even more. Because if you do not know which keywords you need to use exactly, or want to know what is popular, so you just type a few letters or a word and then Google is proposing all suitable or relevant search phrases. And here we come to the WordPress plugin, that I want to introduce you today.
Uwe Ramminger from namely has developed a small WordPress plugin called wpSuggest, […]

How to stream your pictures and videos to any browser from your Android device

Now that’s success! I have just tested the vscreens app for Android and am really excited. But first things first.
vscreens is a free app from Sony Mobile Communications. But kindly runs on any device with Android (version 2.1 or newer needed) and not only on the Sony devices. With vscreens images and videos can be quickly streamed from your smartphone, simply and wireless, to any device that has a browser and an internet connection.
For this purpose, you have just to surf to, open the vscreens app on your Android device and scan the QR code on the target device. Then you select those pictures and videos from your smartphone you want to stream and they’ll appear directly on the target device. If the target device and smartphone are in the same Wifi network that’s going to be really fast. (But it will also work with your mobile internet connection.)
Those […]

How to retrieve default browsers path in C#

csharp_standard_browserBelow it will be about how to find the path to the default browser on Windows systems with help of C#. This makes sense, if you want to open a file using Process.Start () in the default browser.
Although one might assume that every Windows user has installed Internet Explorer and you should therefore simply use this to view files, but it does not necessarily increase the confidence of the user into the own application. So at least I, as a user, would be annoyed of my program, if this would always launch Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, which I have set as the default browser.
Now there are two ways to open the default browser in C #. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Option 1 – Process.Start() with an URL
The easiest way […]