Update: Cloud Downloader 2.6

Cloud Downloader 2.6 - SearchingToday is “update day”. From now on you can download the new Cloud Downloader 2.6. Besides some bugfixes, I have implemented some new features which came from you – the community. At this point I really like to say “thank you” for your outstanding support, your bug reports and your new ideas.

Below is a quick overview of what has changed in the new version:

  • [Feature] Search- and download status are shown in the taskbar from now on. So you can minimize the Cloud Downloader window without leaving focus the app’s status.
  • [Feature] Album covers are saved in a higher resolution (500×500 px instead of 100x100px) from now on.
  • [Feature] You can get more songs from an artist and support him, by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the search results. (This starts an amazon.com search for the artist’s name and the song’s title.)
  • [Bugfix] Soundcloud url’s in the form of search requests (http://…search?q=) are working again.
  • [Bugfix] If you choose the “keep search results for the next searches”-option, already marked/checked songs will be remembered. (Until now the markings got lost if you started a second search.)
  • [Refactoring] The Windows MediaPlayer dependency was removed. Instead the NAudio-library will be used for streaming music. I hope that this will fix the crashes at some user’s machines.


Download: Cloud Downloader 2.6


Cloud Downloader 2.6 - Searching  Cloud Downloader 2.6 - Shopping  Cloud Downloader 2.6 - Status in Taskbar


Update: Cloud Downloader 2.5

Cloud Downloader 2.5 - DownloadFor a few minutes the new Cloud Downloader has been available for download. Besides a few bug fixes, some new features were added in the current version 2.5.

At this point, once again thank you for your feedback from the community and your emails with suggestions and ideas.

New features and fixes in version 2.5:

  • Fix: Likes/like-pages are found in search again.
  • Upgrade: Improved search algorithm.
  • Feature: During the search process a more detailed search progress is shown, so that waiting times can be bridged better.
  • Feature: There’s a new tab for settings. Both the “download is ready”-sound and the pop-up which is shown after successful downloads can be disabled by the user. If needed a standard download path can be preselected.
  • Feature: A self-test which runs during the applications startup was implemented. Thus we can hopefully find out why the downloader is crashing on some users’ PC.

Get the new: Cloud Downloader 2.5


Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Search songs  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Search load header information  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Song list

Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Download  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - History  Cloud Downloader 2.5 - Settings


Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box – a Reverse Geocache

Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box

Today we’ll be talking about Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box, a piece of hardware that I built over a year ago. But what is this box, what does it do, who was it built for and who is this Captain Herrmano anyway? This will be the topic of this article.

What is Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box?

The box is a so-called “reverse geocaching puzzle”. The inspiration for this project was a reverse geocaching box built in 2009 by Mikael Hart. Unlike Mikael’s version of the box, it’s not enough to simply find and visit the target place. To unlock the treasure of Captain Herrmano, the player has to solve more tasks.

The special thing about this box is that it interacts with the player, and not just via text – it also has sound and light feedback, as well as other means of communication. But more about that later.

So who is this captain anyway? Captain Herrmano is an old pirate, whose spirit guards the chest and guides the player through the challenges. The chest, in turn, contains the pirate’s treasure.

A Birthday Present with Consequences

I came up with the idea for the box, developed it and built it all as a birthday present. I wanted to gift something extraordinary, and since I always find the anticipation and the unboxing the most fun moments, I decided to make the unboxing process take a little longer than usual.

The player only receives the present after they have solved all of the Captain’s riddles.

A Solution and Overview of the Riddles

Since the birthday has passed and the recipient has had his share of fun already, I can freely write the article here. To give you an overview of the capabilities and features of the box, I’ve made this small video that shows a complete walkthrough of all the riddles.

Captain Herrmanos Mystery Box - Flowchart

If you are too confused by the video, you can have a look at this game plan that shows the path to the treasure as a picture.

How many hours of gameplay the game has depends on how quickly the player solves the riddles. Theoretically, you could finish it within 1-2 hours. In practice, the recipient spent a good weekend playing it.

Technical implementation

Since building the box cost me time and nerves and I was under time pressure, I forgot to write down any documentation for all the stuff that I was doing. When I have more time I’ll try to make a small technical write up and describe the technical implementation more precisely. I’ll limit myself to short descriptions for now.

The housing – that is, the box itself – came from a Nanu Nana store (which is a German chain of stores). Inside of the housing, an Arduino Mega controls and receives information from different sensors and boards – for example a CO sensor (carbon monoxide), a thermometer, an ultrasonic sensor, a GPS receiver, a number pad, a speaker, a display, a mini SD card and a servo.

Also because of the time pressure and the fact that this was a one-off thing, I have done nearly none cable management, so I ended up with cable tangle. The following photos should serve as proof.

Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Kabelsalat Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Kabelsalat

I made the interface (that is, the chipboard with the buttons and sensors) on my own with the help of a rotary tool (Dremel) and sandpaper.

The locking mechanism should serve as a further highlight of how unprofessionally creative the design is. It’s made of hinges, parts of a door latch, a servo, wire and half a pencil. This perfect child of passion and engineering is demonstrated in this short video.

You can find the Arduino code in my Github repository. A wiring schematic and further technical details will possibly be published in a later article.

Conclusion and Feedback

Now I’d like to know what you think of this present – I can think of a whole bunch of questions.

Do you think this is successful or do you have improvement ideas? (If I make something like this again I’ll definitely include your ideas, as long as they’re qualified.) Have you built something like this yourself or do you know someone who has? If so, I’d be glad to see some photos. I’m always curious to know how others solved similar “problems”. And finally, are you interested in further technical details or schematics?

It’s your turn now. I’m always happy to hear from you!

Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie Captain Herrmano's Mystery Box - Galerie


Update: Cloud Downloader 2.4


Cloud Downloader 2.4The following post will be very brief but nevertheless it will bring you some nice news. With immediate effect version 2.4 of my Cloud Downloader is ready for download.

In this version there are no new features, but some important bug fixes. Since Soundcloud has once again screwed up their website, as well as their API, some playlists and profiles couldn’t be loaded with the 2.3 version any longer.

That’s why there is the new 2.4 version. So everything should work again. As always – if you find errors or have suggestions, let me know!

Get the new: Cloud Downloader 2.4

I’m looking forward to get some likes and tweets from you. ;-)


Update: 404Checkr


404Checkr - RunningQuick interim report – as of today there is a new version of my mass linktester called “404Checkr”.

For those who can not remember anymore, let me explain it in a few words – the 404Checkr was released about a year ago by me. By means of this tool one can easily and very quickly test lots of links for their validity. Thus, for example, one can easily check out which webpages of a linklist are still online and which aren’t.

In the current version ( I have added four new features:

  1. The 404Checkr now brings its own system to resolve domain names. Thus it can be taken to find the IP from a server by using its domain name. So servers can be tested even if Windows isn’t able to resolve the domain name.
  2. Any user agent can be specified. Thus, the 404Checkr can impersonate any browser / user.
  3. The result list has been extended by two tabs. Besides the complete result list now you can also display only the successful or only the faulty scanned urls.
  4. Update check. The 404Checkr notifies you when there is a new update

Get the new 404Checkr

404Checkr - Start  404Checkr - Completed


404Checkr - Completed - Good  404Checkr - Completed - Bad

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