New theme – the bug hunt is opened

Neues DesignThe one or the other may have noticed it already – is running with a new design recently. The theme change was on my to-do list for more than two years, but I was scared to switch the theme. Scared of ranking losses in Google or to shoot me the design because I had programmed the old Theme in non recommend ways. But now I have, however, done so.

After 5 years, the old theme has got it made and with its lack of responsiveness it was not up to date anymore. From now on can also be read comfortably on mobile devices.

Help me to improve the new theme!

Since the new Theme certainly is still missing one or the other edge, I depend on your help. If you find an error (text or illustration) or if you have a proposal, at which point something should be changed in order to increase the usability, then bring it on. I am looking forward to your feedback.

Howto fix: Windows 10 freezes and lags after sleep

For some time I was plagued by a little, but rather annoying problem on my Windows 10 PC. Once the computer woke up from sleep mode, it freezes several times per minute for a few seconds. Explorer windows open slowly, websites won’t load and the sound drops out. The mouse was still responsive.

I am not alone with this problem, because I have found several forum threads during my research, where users complaint about this problem. However, I found the solution for this problem, but only after a very long search.

Refine the problem

In almost all forums it was suggested to upgrade the drivers of all hardware, update to a newer BIOS version and/or completely reinstall Windows. However, my drivers have all been updated and also for the BIOS there was no update. A new and clean Windows installation was not an option for me.

Ereignisanzeige Problem nach Sleep

A view into the Event Viewer (Start button -> right click -> Event Viewer) then brought me the decisive clue. (See screenshot on the left-hand.)

After the computer woke up from the sleep mode, it always began to throws warnings into the log files about problems with the hard drive. The error messages read like:

“Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.”

The error itself can be misleading, because I myself don’t use any RAID array. Nevertheless, the warning contains a note to solution.

How to fix freezes after sleep mode in Windows 10

By reading the log entries, it seems that there are problems with the SATA driver. To resolve this problems, it helped me to add an configure two more energy options for hard drives. Therefore two new registry keys must be created via regedit.


Anyone who is afraid of changing things in the “holy” registry by using “regedit” can also make use of the ready reg-file which can be downloaded from my blog (right click-> Save Target As) and  imported by a double-click into the registry.

Erweiterte AHCI EnergiesparoptionenAfter the keys are imported, dive into the Energy Options where you’ll find two new points in the “Disk” bullet point. (The Power Options can be reached via Start button -> right click -> Power Options -> Edit Plan Settings -> Change advanced power settings.)

The two yellow lines marked in the screenshot on the right side show the new entries. Here we are especially interested in the first entry. The setting of “AHCI Link Power Management – HIPM / DIPM” must be set to “Active”. That’s it!

After saving the settings, both the error messages in the Event Viewer and the freezes are gone for me. Small action, big effect. Pity that such solutions are always so hard to find …

Update: Cloud Downloader 3.1

Cloud Downloader 3.1

The weekend is almost over and I was diligent. So there is a new update for the Cloud Downloader.

In addition to some bug fixes, there are also one, two small new features this time. So it’s not a pure bugfix release.

In version 3.1 you there are inter alia the following improvements:


New features

  • Songs from the Soundcloud-Charts are supported now
  • If you don’t like the cat gifs (animations) during the download, you can disable them by now
  • If you like the animations, but don’t like cats, you can switch to dogs, sloths, donkeys, fails or wins.
  • The searchtype “albums” is also supported by now


  • Fixed some bugs in the song search
  • Lags and freezes while showing the animated gifs belong to the past
  • Better stability of the song search (less”no song found” = more fun)

You want it? You can get it! The downloadlink for the new version can be found (as always) in the main post regarding the CloudDownloader.

Download: Cloud Downloader 3.1

Update: Cloud Downloader 3.0

Feels like I’m having a run. Thus, today there is an update for the Cloud Downloader. This time the new version number is 3.0 – and did you get it? We have a round version number. And this means…

…tday there is not only bug fixes, but also new features. What exactly has changed, I want to summarize in the following. But first have a look at some screenshots!

Cloud Downloader 3.0 - better search Cloud Downloader 3.0 - file size prediction Cloud Downloader 3.0 - new features

New features

  • From now on the search screen will show you the filesize (in megabyte) of all tracks together. Moreover it shows also the size of the selected songs. Thus, you can estimate before downloading, if your download list will fit on your favorite USB drive.
  • The actual transmission rate is displayed during the download.
  • The remaining time and the remaining amount of data to be downloaded is shown during the download.
  • To shorten the waiting time during the download, randomly selected cat GIFs will be played. Everyone likes cats, right?


  • The search function now takes arbitrarily large playlists and profiles. Previously, the search was limited to round about 200 songs per link. Now there is no limit anylonger.


I hope you’ll have much fun with the new version and as always I appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvements. The download of the new version can be found (as usual) by clicking the following link:

Download: Cloud Downloader 3.0

Update: Cloud Downloader 2.9.7

Cloud Downloader 2.9.7

Barely a few days after the release of version 2.9.6, a new version of the Cloud Downloader is available for download.

In version 2.9.7, there are, as also in the last two updates, no new features but bugfixes.

Since the SoundCloud API has changed a bit in the background, the ID3 tags have not been fully generated. This could be particularly noticed by missing cover art. (Thanks to you all, the diligent commentators, who drew my attention to this bug.)

Anyway. New version, new luck. In Version 2.9.7 now back with ID3 tags and album artwork.

The current version can be found in the main article about the Cloud Downloader at the following link:

Download: Cloud Downloader 2.9.7