The best free .NET decompilers – the .NET Reflector alternatives

netreflectorToday I want to briefly highlight a few alternatives to Redgates .NET Reflector. Former I frequently used this tool, but since it costs money and there are good and useful free alternatives, this is no longer between my fingers.
The following parenthesis is for those who don’t know what’s meant by the term .NET Reflector/decompiler. All the other can read on below the following paragraphs.
What is a (. NET) decompiler?
.NET Reflector was the first CLI assembly browser. It can be used to inspect, navigate, search, analyze, and browse the contents of a CLI component such as an assembly and translates the binary information to a human-readable form. By default Reflector allows decompilation of CLI assemblies into C#, Visual Basic .NET, Common Intermediate Language and F# (alpha version). Reflector also includes a “Call Tree” that can be used to drill down into […]

How to create video files in C# (from single images)

create videos in csharpToday there is again a bit of C# code. I’m writing about how you can create video files in C # from individual images or bitmaps. Using the AForge library, which I have used in the already in the C# webcam tutorial, this is going to be relatively simple.
For the following tutorial you need the AForge.Video.FFMPEG.dll library and its FFMPEG libraries. Both can be found by clicking the below link. On the downloadpage you have to select that .zip-file, which contains “(libs only)” in it’s filename.

AForge Libs Download

Now open your Visual Studio or an alternative program, that you want to use to write your program. (For the following tutorial I’m using Visual Studio.)
Create a project
Next you create a new project, I decided on a WinForms project, and wait until […]