How to pixelate images using Javascript

Close Pixelate TutorialToday there is again a bit of Javascript code. The exact topic is about how you can pixelate images via Javascript. This has both advantages and drawbacks, which I would like to briefly point out once below.

Pixelation can be done dynamically (Manual effort in your graphics program falls away. Graphics must not be known beforehand.)
The computational power required is outsourced to the client side. In contrast to a server-side solutions (eg using PHP & Imagick), the computational load is distributed to the users. This helps to keep the server load low, if you have a lot of visitors.


The pixelation should be used rather as design or graphic effect, since the data is only sent not pixelated to the client. So if you really want to hide faces and picture information the pixelation still needs to be done before delivery to the […]

Best of Web #1

best of webHere we go. Starting from today, I’m trying again on something new here on the blog. Under the name “Best of Web” I want to share, from now on, every Monday, my network finds from the last 7 days with you.
The whole thing runs deliberately not under the title “My 5 favorite links” or “Favorite links of calender week 31” because I won’t tie myself down neither on the number of recommendations per week nor that I actually post something on every Monday. Although a weekly rhythm is planned, but before I share poor / substandard content (out of necessity) with you, I pause the roundup for one week and come back with a handful of good quality links in the next. So, enough of introductory words. Here we go with the first “Best of Web” roundup.

Hundreds of free eBooks […]

How to add multiple free images to your eBay auction

ebay_logoToday it is about eBay. Specifically, about how you can add as many pictures as you like into your auction description for free. So there will be no additional costs, such as it would normally be the case, when you use the image features of eBay. Thankfully eBay gives us almost everything that is needed to add free images to our auctions.
To better explain the procedure, I created a fictitious offer on Ebay. Who does not like to read, of course, can also scroll to the end of the article and watch the whole explanation as screencast. And here’s how it works:
Step 1:
ebay_kostenlos_bilder_1  ebay_kostenlos_bilder_2
After you have entered the basic information and are located yourself in the sales […]

How to set up a PERL development environment on Windows with Eclipse

perl_article_logoAs I shall deal, due to the university, the next six months with Perl, a appropriate IDE was needed. And because there were not given any installation instructions at my university, I have written down in the following, how you can set up a viable development environment for Perl scripts on Windows.
After reading this article you should be able to write Perl code using the IDE “Eclipse”. This has the advantage that in eclipse (by help of plugins) syntax errors are detected, etc.. If you know Eclipse and think it’s too “heavy weight” then you need to be patient for a little bit. In the following days I’ll post a further article in which I’ll describe how you can set up Notepad++ to use it as Perl development environment.
Firstly you will need a Perl distribution – I’ve decided on ActiveState Perl […]

Display PHP errors in Webmatrix

WebMatrix 2 - logoFor several weeks Microsofts development environment, called WebMatrix, is available in version 3. As already the first and second version was, WebMatrix 3 is ​​a free development environment for websites and web applications of different platforms such as ASP.NET, PHP, and HTML5.
I use WebMatrix from time to time to test, among other things, just one or the other PHP script. Sadly the provided/integrated web server shows by the default settings, so as it is delivered, no PHP error messages. So when the gremlins sneak in your PHP script and you have not caught all code in try-catch blocks, you only see a white page in browser. For productive environments this seems to make sense, but for a development tool, this is plain and simple said – bullshit!
To show the, in my opinion very […]