How to execute Perl scripts in Notepad++

notepad++_perl_executeA few days ago I already described how to set up the Eclipse development environment for usage with Perl scripts. If you don’t want to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut,  you can also use the Notepad++ editor to relatively comfortably write Perl scripts.
Besides syntax highlighting and intellisense aka auto completion, Notepad++ also offers the possibility to execute Perl scripts directly from the editors interface. However, therefore a one-time setup is necessary, which I want you to briefly explain below.
Step 1 – create test scripts:
perl-skripte_in_npp_ausführen_1  perl-skripte_in_npp_ausführen_2
To be able to check if you have set up everything correctly later, you should definitely first create a small Perl script and save it. Important: Only stored scripts can be executed afterwards. So always save your script […]

How to set up a PERL development environment on Windows with Eclipse

perl_article_logoAs I shall deal, due to the university, the next six months with Perl, a appropriate IDE was needed. And because there were not given any installation instructions at my university, I have written down in the following, how you can set up a viable development environment for Perl scripts on Windows.
After reading this article you should be able to write Perl code using the IDE “Eclipse”. This has the advantage that in eclipse (by help of plugins) syntax errors are detected, etc.. If you know Eclipse and think it’s too “heavy weight” then you need to be patient for a little bit. In the following days I’ll post a further article in which I’ll describe how you can set up Notepad++ to use it as Perl development environment.
Firstly you will need a Perl distribution – I’ve decided on […]