Best of Web #1

best of webHere we go. Starting from today, I’m trying again on something new here on the blog. Under the name “Best of Web” I want to share, from now on, every Monday, my network finds from the last 7 days with you.

The whole thing runs deliberately not under the title “My 5 favorite links” or “Favorite links of calender week 31” because I won’t tie myself down neither on the number of recommendations per week nor that I actually post something on every Monday. Although a weekly rhythm is planned, but before I share poor / substandard content (out of necessity) with you, I pause the roundup for one week and come back with a handful of good quality links in the next. So, enough of introductory words. Here we go with the first “Best of Web” roundup.

Hundreds of free eBooks on programming

Last week I found a project on GitHub that collects as many free ebooks on programming and IT in a collaborative way. The list of English-language books is currently the largest with most a few hundred books. But there are also lists for books in other languages in the repository. Among other languages there is also a list of German-language literature.

Listen to cellphone conversations for 30$

Yes, the headline is provocative. And I also don’t want to incite anyone to eavesdrop on the conversations of others. And no, it’s not so easy also. However, last week, an article on aroused my attention, that explains how it is possible to listen to conversations in the GSM network. And all that with hardware for just round about 30$.

More interesting than listen to anyone’s conversation, I think is the fact, that it is possible at all for such a low spending. Those interested in the subject, will find a good entry point into the story on

3 free services to monitor your webservers

Last week Kev Quirk presented three free (web-)tools at, which help you to monitor and observe your webservers. Most services and providers in this field of business take a lot of money for this kind of service. Thus one who cares for one or more webservers, should take the time and have a look at Kev’s article.

Why you should always have a thesaurus on your desk while coding

IT World explained why a programmer should always have a thesaurus handy. You think this may sound far-fetched? I thought so too, but IT World refers to a survey, that had not just a small sample size. Have I engaged your interest? Come this way!

How to program your car with .NET

On CodeProject I stumbled across an article that is concerned with expanding the functionality of your own car. And the whole thing is in C#. Since I first like C#, secondly have a fable for cars and thirdly have a heart for DIY’s, I directly was keen on this article. Unfortunately, an implementation in Germany will probably fail in the requirements of the TÜV (Technical Inspection Association), so it remains, for my part, in reading and dreaming.

Why does a man need a beard?

Finally a video. Patrick Salmen explains in his statement “rostrotkupferbraunbronze” as part of a poetry slam, why the man of today can be proud of his beard. (Watch out! German content. ;) )


So much for this week. If all goes according to plan, then next Monday there will be the 2nd round of my “Best of Web” roundups. Should you have some more reading recommendations or tips for the next Roundup, please write me a mail or a comment.


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