How to set default color scheme in vim

After I’ve shown you Vim and explained the most essential commands, there is  is another tip I’ll give to you. As described in the above linked article, Vim brings a really nice syntaxhightlighting implementation with it. Unfortunately, this is by default, depending on the file type and your monitor, difficult to read. So today I want to show you, how you can modify the Vim syntax highlighting scheme.
Change Vim syntaxhightlighting color scheme
Once you’ve opened Vim, you can change the color scheme with the “colo”-command.

:colo murphy

As you can see, the color scheme is set off from the command mode. In this case, the command is “colo” followed by a space and the name of the color scheme you want to use. (If you like, you can use “colorscheme” instead of “colo”. “colo” is just a shortcut to “colorscheme”.)
vim colo murphy