Build your own homeserver – what’s the right system?

Homeserver im Eigenbau - DatacenterA couple of days ago, a friend of mine (and co-worker) and myself talked about the topic of homeservers, because we both were looking for viable solutions to make our files available in our home network. During our discussion, the following points were brought up repeatedly: price / performance ratio, processing power, storage, security, performance, power consumption (or operating costs) and flexibility.
Right from the beginning we discussed all solutions that weren’t called (Hardware-)NAS and rather quickly waved goodbye to the solutions that came our minds.
The Fritzbox as a NAS – And it lived happily ever after…
For example, one of the cheapest solutions that we thought of would be attaching an (or multiple) external harddrive via USB to our Router (Fritzbox) and configure the Fritzbox as a NAS. Most of the hardware would have been available already, power consumption […]