How to easily record from a webcam in C#

What is the easiest way to use a webcam in C# and record from it? If you search for an answer to this question you’ll find a lot of articles in the internet but most of them are many pages long and very confusing. However that isn’t really necessary. With the aid of the AForge.NET library you can do the given task really easy. Just a few lines of C# code are enough to drive your webcam and capture images from it. In the following I’ll show you how to handle the AForge library.
What do you need?

The AForge.Video.dll together with the AForge.Video.DirectShow.dll
Both dlls can be found on the AForge website inside the “(libs only)” zip-archive.
A simple winforms-application, with a picturebox on its gui
A webcam. For example this one:No products found.
Basic C#-knowledge. If not exists, read this: No products found.

At first you have to reference the both dlls and write the using-statements […]