How to create articles on Blogspot with C#

Blogger C# API LogoToday I want to show you how to create a blog article on with C#. For this you need first of all the Google.GData.Client.dll, which you can find inside the Google .Net API package.
You can download the API package here from Google. (The file is called Google_Data_API_Setup_2.2.0.msi (Please note that the version number – 2.2.0 – over time may change of course.)
If the download is complete, install the package, open a new project in Visual Studio and add a reference to the Google.GData.Client.dll.
The .dll file can be found in the installation directory of the API package. (Click on the link “add a reference” above, if you need help embedding .dlls into a Visual Studio project.)
If you have included the DLL, you can start already. Blog posts (aka articles) can be created as follows:

private static int AddPost(string […]