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Last while browsing I came across a WordPress plugin called wpSuggest. This links Google’s autocomplete function (the thing called “Google Suggest”, which ensures that you get suggestions while typing your question) with the title field in the WordPress editor. So if you write an article in the WordPress backend and type the title wpSuggest will make suggestions for the perfect title.

I liked the way the Google Suggest feature was used here. However, I found that the combination of Google Suggest and the input field for the keywords/tags would make much more sense.  So in short I have developed a small WordPress plugin named “TagKeywordFinder”. This plugin works similar to the above mentioned wpSuggest, with the small difference that it is used when tagging the article. And this is how it looks like:

(If you’re not intrested in the setup process, skip it to 1:00.)

When you begin to assign tags for your article, my plugin suggests possible tags to you. With just one click, you can adopt the suggested tags to your taglist. Since this is my first WordPress plugin, I apologize for any bugs. (Should you find one, just write me a comment.)

tagkeywordfinder_aktion_1 tagkeywordfinder_aktion_2 tagkeywordfinder_aktion_4
The download is available in two versions this time. Once as a direct link – click and say “let’s go”. And once as a link with Advertising. (An advertisement is displayed for 5 seconds before the download starts.)
Since I don’t want to force anyone to look at an advertising, there is the direct download. But should you want to do me a favor, you should opt for the advertising-based link. It’s in your hands. ;)

TagKeywordFinder – direct download

TagKeywordFinder – say-thanks-to-the-developer-download (with advertisement)

Since I was already asked for one or two times, here’s the Paypal donation button.

That’s pretty much it for now. I hope you like the plugin. If you still find errors or have suggestions for improvement, then just write me a comment.

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