How to run a full-value Linux on your Android device

I know, why I love my Android smartphone. It is open, flexible and the opportunities to use it seem to be endless. In times companies don’t let me choose, what software I can use to I transfer my music onto the device (Apple – iTunes), I, as an Android user, can ask myself the question: “Should I install the new Cyanogen Mod or straigt way a full-value Linux distribution on my device today? “.

Yes, you heard correctly, a full Linux distribution on your Android device. Ruan from Androidclone managed it and shares his knowledge gladly with all Android fans. At Androidclone board you can find a detailed tutorial, how to run Ubuntu 10.10 on your Android device.
It can be used parallel to Android as it is launched from the Android console and controlled by any arbitary Android vnc client.

You can switch between the two operating systems, what in my opinion is one of the facts, which makes the whole thing more than ever interesting. So you can use Ubuntu for business and work and nevertheless quickly switch to Android for calls and telephone stuff.

But why should you run a full-value Linux on you device? Isn’t there enough software for Android? At first sight this may certainly be true, but there exist some applications for Linux that make sense on a smartphone, such as Wireshark, Airsniff and similar, which aren’t available as Android app.

What do you think about it? Gimmick or useful? Let me know it!



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